Reprinted from a Photoflex press release:

Photoflex has introduced the Starlite QL as an easy to use, new generation of tungsten-balanced, continuous lighting for video and film production, President Sharon Reeves announced today.

Successor to Photoflex’s industry-leading Starlite 3200, the new Starlite QL will be displayed Sept. 28-Oct. 3 at Photokina 2004 in Cologne, Germany (Hall 14.2, Aisle N, Stand 53), and Oct. 21-23 at PhotoEast Expo in New York City (Booth #473).

The QL in Starlite QL refers to a new quick-lock feature that permits easier and safer attachment and removal of the lighting head with a softbox connector.


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“Like its predecessor, the new QL is built to last, employing the highest-quality of materials in an extremely durable design,” Reeves states. “It provides 3200-degrees Kelvin of even, brilliant, and continuous tungsten lighting, with an innovative cooling design ideal for heat-sensitive subjects that would be impacted negatively by traditional hot lights. Tungsten lighting also avoids the distracting flash of strobe, and costs considerably less.”

Each Starlite QL system comes with Starlite QL light head, swivel stand-mount, power cord, and Starlite handle that allows one-handed positioning of the light head. It comes in a 120-volt configuration for use within the United States (Product number FV-BSL3200), and 220-volt for use in other countries (FV-BSLE3200).

Safety and precision are ensured because the QL lighting head is spring-loaded with a positive locking shaft. A user just pushes and turns the QL clockwise and it clicks securely onto the connector. To detach, a user just pulls back the release lever on top of the head and turns the head counterclockwise. This new spring-loading feature also makes set up and tear down easier and faster than before.

Fixed mounting posts always fit the connector’s adapter plate properly, with no adjustment required. The previous generation of Starlites had adjustable mounting posts in front of the head that attached to the connector. If adjusted too tight or too loose, they could wind up fitting improperly.

Retail price for U.S. version of Starlite QL is $199.95, the same as its predecessor.

New Starlite OctoConnector
Photoflex’s new Starlite OctoConnector has been created to complement the Starlite QL 3200, with an adapter plate designed to make attachment much easier than before. This new connector will employ Photoflex’s SC-900SC Basic outer ring, which enables it to fit Photoflex’s new OctoDome nxt softbox as well as the SilverDome, HalfDome (silver interior), and MovieDome lines. The rugged, aluminum OctoConnector will not break, melt, or warp.

Even if the QL is used with an old connector, its spring-loading feature will allow locking in any position for added safety.

Retail price for the Starlite OctoConnector is $69.95.

Tungsten lamps are sold separately. Retail price is $44.95 for 120-volt, U.S. version of the 500-watt lamp (FV-SL500-I), and $69.95 for the 1000-watt lamp (FV-SL1000-I). The 220-volt lamps for other countries are also 500-watt (FV-SLE500) and 1000-watt (FV-SLE1000).

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