ILY Announces New Duplicators

Reprinted from an ILY press release:

ILY Enterprise Inc., a pioneer in developing advanced duplication technologies for nearly a decade, announced today that it will begin shipping the industry’s first truly portable CD/DVD duplicator, the SlimDVDup, early in October. A major advancement in CD/DVD duplication technology, ILY’s new SlimDVDup enables users to quickly make identical copies* of video, data, photos or audio discs in the field, on the road –virtually anywhere, even without being connected to a computer. The versatile device can also be plugged into the USB 2.0 port of a Windows – or Mac -based system.

Weighing slightly more than today’s ultra-light notebook computers, the 6″x 7″ x 1.5″ the SlimDVDup is designed to meet the needs of content developers, videographers and business professionals who want the productivity benefits that a portable CD/DVD duplicator provides.

Housed in a sleek, rich silver and blue case, ILY’s new UltraSlim CD/DVD Duplicator features an at-a-glance LCD status display that guides the user through each of the copying steps without even having to refer to the manual. The unit reads all of the most popular formats, including DVD Video and data; and writes to the user’s choice of media — CD-R/RW, DVD+/-R/RW or DVD-RAM. Since the duplicated discs are virtually identical to the originals, they comply with format industry standards and can be played on most popular DVD players, set-top boxes and DVD drives.

The device automatically checks the source disc and sets the drive speed and format to the target disc being used. After synchronizing with the source drive, the SlimDVDup copies the master disc, verifies the disc after the write process is completed and ejects the copied disc. When rewriteable media is used, the quick-erase or full-erase modes can be selected. For added convenience, a program/repeat mode is also included.

“The SlimDVDup offers key features that make it ideal for both professionals and prosumers,” said Rocky Chang, ILY Marketing Manager. “It has a small form factor, only weighs about three pounds, doesn’t require a computer and is easy to use. If you don’t want to leave your master CD or DVD with a client or business partner, you can simply plug in the electrical power, insert your master disc and a blank disc and in no time at all, you have an exact 1:1 copy. The SlimDVDup also provides added value because it’s really three products in one,” Chang noted. “In addition to being a portable 1:1 duplicator, it can be used to quickly produce a backup and to play back audio discs.”

For people who want to use the SlimDVDup as an easily transportable external drive or a backup CD/DVD burner, the unit is also provided with a high-speed USB 2.0 interface that can be connected and disconnected without having to reboot the computer. The user can then up load content — audio, video or data — from the disc to edit, author and copy the information to a new disc.

For audio disc playback, the unit is equipped with an audio stereo jack and digital volume control. The included audio features can also be used to verify the audio quality on duplicated CD or DVD discs. And, with the SlimDVDup’s precise track editing capabilities, users can select specific tracks and write them to disc to create a custom audio CD.

Pricing, Availability
The ILY Enterprise SlimDVDup CD/DVD Duplicator will begin shipping early in October with a suggested retail price of $699US. USB 2.0 and power cables as well as a driver update disc and a user manual are included. The UltraSlim DVDup device can be used with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP as well as Mac OS X and higher systems. Complete product specifications and application information are available at Solution providers and resellers interested in volume, white box and private-label product should contact

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