WorldTech Devices Announces RF Wireless Editing Keyboard

Reprinted from a WorldTech Devices press release:

WorldTech Devices announces a new RF Wireless Keyboard & 5-Button Mouse combo for the leading NLE, 3D Animation and Photo Editing software applications. The MSRP for our Specialist Wireless Keyboard & Mouse combo is only $149, regardless of the digital video application it is customized for!

With this announcement, WorldTech now offers the largest selection of wireless and USB keyboards for NLE and digital media markets, including keyboards for: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Alias Maya, Avid Xpress DV/PRO, Pinnacle Liquid Edition, Canopus EDIUS, Sony Vegas, and Ulead MediaStudio Pro. This full product offering provides true one-stop shopping for specialty video resellers.

Comments from Video Editing Professionals:

“WorldTech’s wireless keyboard works great–action on keycaps is fast and responsive.”

“I edited a wedding video while sitting on my couch, 10-feet away from the video monitors.”

“Set-up on my computer was easy.”

“The mouse fits perfectly in my hand–the customizable scroll wheel works great.”

“The wireless components remove all the wires and clutter–no more worries about spilling things all over my desktop.”

“I wasn’t really a fan of wireless technology because I was afraid of reliability issues–but after using WorldTech’s new wireless products, I don’t ever want to go back to a wired keyboard again.”

— Herb Ricco, Videographer & Avid Xpress Expert User

WorldTech’s RF Wireless Keyboard and 5-Button Mouse Duo provides a high quality and reliable solution for customers who demand more flexibility for positioning of their input devices, as well as for customers who seek a more professional look with their editing studios.

The enhancements which comprise the Specialist keyboards are performed as an integral part of the manufacturing process (e.g., they are not aftermarket add-ons, like stickers or labels) and are therefore as durable as the keyboard itself. The shortcut commands of the application software are laser-etched onto the keys for quality and longevity. Color keys assist the user in locating important command categories.

To Buy:
For more information and to obtain a list of distributors and dealers, please visit our website (, call us at 1-877-888-1400, or email us at WorldTech Devices and Specialist are trademarks of WorldTech Devices, Inc. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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