Maxell Adds 3-packs of Camcorder DVDs To Line

Reprinted from a Maxell press release:

Maxell Corporation of America has added to its line of DVD camcorder media with a new Three-Pack of DVD-R that includes a media holder for camcorder models that require them.

Available now, the new Three-Pack of DVD-R camcorder media meets widespread and growing consumer demand for larger pack sizes and demonstrates the rapid acceptance of the DVD format in the camcorder segment. The new three-pack provides consumers with a single choice to suit any of the camcorder models they own. In addition, the back of the packaging includes a consumer friendly and handy compatibility chart to match the media with all available DVD camcorder models.

“Maxell, a leader in the camcorder media category, further expands its franchise and leadership platform by offering DVD camcorder media that meets all consumers’ needs,” said Peter Brinkman, vice president of marketing for Maxell.

“The introduction of larger pack sizes in this category, which indicates higher usage levels, demonstrates that the DVD camcorder format is at the cutting edge of the rapidly growing digital camcorder segment and reflects the trend in the market toward consumers demanding larger pack sizes,” Brinkman added

The Three-Pack packaging also follows Maxell’s family look that emphasizes brand, DVD format and capacity. This design strategy is further enhanced by a dynamic new color system intended to make format selection easy, while providing a look that supports the overall brand communication.

The Maxell DVD-R Camcorder media will record up to 30-minutes of content.

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