Reprinted from a MainConcept press release:

MainConcept, a worldwide leader in multimedia technologies, today announced the release of its H.264 Encoder Preview Version 2 for Microsoft Windows. The free, functional demo enables users to perform a hands-on evaluation of MainConcept’s upcoming H.264 Encoder. It features an easy graphical interface similar to that of the popular MainConcept MPEG Encoder. The new preview offers much faster, higher quality encoding and more features than the previous preview.

H.264 AVC (Advanced Video Coding)–also known as MPEG-4 Part 10–is an eagerly-anticipated format with many advantages over existing formats. Its enhanced compression can result in high quality at significantly lower bitrates than formats such as MPEG-2.

“We are proud to release this new preview,” said Markus Moenig, founder and CEO of MainConcept. “Our H.264 solution continues our tradition of ultra-fast, high-quality codecs. It is entirely our own codebase, completely written from the ground up instead of using segments of the reference code.”

The free preview is available at

The MainConcept H.264 Encoder and SDK will be released soon for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Texas Instruments DSP. The DSP version will be demonstrated at the upcoming BIRTV show in Beijing (August 25-28) and the IBC show in Amsterdam (September 10-14).

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