Reprinted from a MacroSystem press release:

MacroSystem Digital Video, the inventor of stand-alone video editors, announced today the delivery of a new top-of-the-line editor, the Casablanca Solitaire. This editor is the result of a design study at last years IFA show. By combining the fastest processor (3.2 GHz), the first dual layer DVD burner in a video editor in the U.S., two removable hard drives (160-300GB), one button back-up to a third hard drive and more memory (512MB-1GB), MacroSystem stays true to its ability to make advanced video editing easy to do.

“We are thrilled with the addition of the Solitaire to the line of the Casablanca digital video editors. This new tool for video professionals, in conjunction with the rich features afforded by CBPaint and QuadCam software, makes the Casablanca a tool that serves the diverse landscape of those using video for profit, as an educational tool or a hobby,” said Jeff Richey, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for MacroSystem Digital Video.

With so many video editing software packages and systems out there, companies must compete for users based upon features, ease-of-use, price and overall value. MacroSystem Digital Video offers its users a dedicated video editing solution complete with all of the features and tools needed to complete projects quickly and professionally.

The Solitaire is housed in a heavy duty, background printed glass. A portable hard drive (CitiDisk), via firewire, plugs directly into the camera, storing more footage than a mini DV. This drive can then be uploaded onto the Solitaire for editing.

Designed to reduce waiting times, the Solitaire uses every pause in the editing process for automatic scene rendering. This feature combined with a 3.2 GHz processor, reduces waiting time to virtually nothing. At the head of its class, this top-of-the-line editor is ready for full-resolution HDTV editing and high-definition video streams (with a future optional software update).

As part of the Casablanca Solitaire package, and for all other Casablanca editors, MacroSystem also offers free training at its Casablanca University in Boulder, CO. For those users who cant make it to the University, dealers are trained and available for support. MacroSystem also provides free technical support to all Casablanca users and the technical support staff does not leave for the day until every call has been returned.

“As our exclusive editing provider, MacroSystem has consistently delivered high-quality service coupled with the advanced video editing capabilities that have saved me hours of time over learning complex software solutions. With my Casablanca, I do my editing knowing that I am saving money and time, while producing the high quality videos my users demand.” Danny Jackson, Producer, “Ronnie Kovach’s Fishing Ventures” broadcast on The Outdoor Channel.

See the new Casablanca Solitaire at the WEVA 2004 EXPO: Booth 315. Witness the first video editor in the United States to be shipped with a Pioneer A08 dual-layer DVD burner. Join Jrg Sprave, President and CEO of MacroSystem worldwide, and the rest of the Casablanca family as they showcase the most powerful, versatile and professional stand-alone video editor on the market today.

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