Reprinted from a Digital Juice press release:

Digital Juice is pleased to announce that it has added yet another new volume to its innovative StackTraxx royalty-free multi-track remixable music library! Holiday Stacks, a collection of classic holiday songs, will be available in October 2004, just in time for your holiday production needs. Like other StackTraxx volumes (Extreme, Power, Serious and Smooth Stacks), Holiday Stacks allows users to turn each instrument in the composition on or off to create original mixes or to isolate individual instruments. Need an orchestra? A quartet? A solo? You decide. It’s easy with StackTraxx.

Holiday Stacks includes 40 Tracks, delivered on 1 DVD and 4 CDs. Each track includes a full-length version (three to five minutes in length), as well as :60, :30, :15, & :10 broadcast cuts, and includes 4-7 multi-track “layers.” Holiday Stacks features multiple variations (jazz, bluegrass, rock, traditional, etc) of such seasonal favorites as Jingle Bells, Joy to the World, Deck the Halls, O Little Town of Bethlehem and many more holiday favorites, all 100% royalty-free.

Jeff Earley, Director of Digital Juice Audio Products, says, “Working with ordinary music libraries can be frustrating. With traditional libraries, your editing options are limited. You can raise and lower the overall levels, and you can trim the length, but that’s about it. There’s no changing the mix of the music. Most production music doesn’t give editors what they really need; options.”

In a July 2004 Presentations Magazine article on music & audio products, Jeffrey Fisher writes, “StackTraxx gives you unprecedented control over song content.” He observes that, “StackTraxx layers music in much the same way Adobe Photoshop uses graphic layers,” and concludes, “This could be all the music you’ll ever need to use.” We agree!

Scheduled to ship in October 2004, Holiday Stacks will sell for $249 and includes Digital Juice’s free Juicer 2 processing software. For more information about StackTraxx, and other Digital Juice products, call 800-525-2203 or visit

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