ADS Tech Enhances CapWiz

Reprinted from an ADS Tech press release:

ADS Tech ( announced today that CapWiz, the fastest and easiest software solution for capturing videos, has been enhanced with new direct-to-disc burning capabilities. CapWiz 3.5 is now the only software of its kind that enables users to burn camcorder video or video from a VHS tape directly to a VCD, SVCD or DVD disc with just four easy clicks. CapWiz is also one of the few video capture applications that delivers video previews at full-screen, 720×576 broadcast resolution.

Offered exclusively with ADS Tech video editing products, CapWiz 3.5 is now being bundled with new shipments of the companys DVD Xpress , Instant DVD and Instant DVD + DV products. ADS Tech is also offering customers who purchased ADS Tech Instant products with the previous version CapWiz a free upgrade to Version 3.5 which is downloadable from its web site. In addition to being Ideal for inexperienced users that want a simple way to archive home movies and videotapes to an optical disc, CapWiz 3.5 also includes custom capture settings for advanced users.

With the ability to burn captured video directly to any type of optical media (CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW), users dont have to wait while video files are stored on their hard drive and there are no extra files to manage or delete. Users can also use CapWiz to burn a previously captured MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 video file to disc for sharing or to free-up space on their hard drive.

Beginners like CapWiz because the software guides them through all the video production steps from capture to burning. The VCR-like buttons on the bottom of the screen control the Capture Wizard Interface. Clicking the Direct-to-Disc Button launches the Direct-to-Disc (DTD) Wizard. During recording, the video progress bar advances letting users know how quickly the DVD writing process is progressing. When a disc becomes 99% full, recording will automatically stop, the disc will finalize and then eject. Recorded videos can be played in the CapWiz application window or output to a TV/VCR by selecting the output device.

CapWiz will also appeal to advanced users because it provides easy access to the controls for setting the video quality (video capture bit rate), using constant or variable bit rates, selecting audio compression formats (LPCM or MPEG-1 Layer 2) and more. With the better quality setting and the advanced encoder that is included, captured video is virtually indistinguishable from the original.

“In speaking with customers around the globe, we found that most people just want a fast and simple way to get camcorder video and videotape content to DVD,” said Mike McCoy, president of ADS Tech. “CapWiz has been the consumers favorite video capture tool; but previously, users had to open another program to burn the video to disc. Now, with CapWiz 3.5, our Instant DVD products offer a single solution for real time capture and real time direct-to-disc recording. Its the only product of its kind on the market.

McCoy added that glitzy features that can sometimes make it more difficult for users to quickly save their video memories are not included with CapWiz. “Features such as DVD editing or the ability to leave a disc open so more video files can be added at a later time are available in the other software applications bundled with ADS Tech Instant DVD products,” he explained.

Bundled with CapWiz 3.5, the ADS Tech USB 2.0 Instant DVD product line meets the needs of budget-minded, first-time camcorder users; seasoned professionals and corporate employees that need to produce their own sales and training videos.

DVD Xpress, the most affordable hardware-based video capture and MPEG-2 encoder solution on the market today, is a basic MPEG 2 analog video transfer device for beginner to intermediate users. The device comes with ADS Tech Capture Wizard 3.5 and Ulead DVD MovieFactory 3 SE software. ESP is US$99

Instant DVD 2.0 is ADS Techs award-winning MPEG-2 video capture device with a robust editing and DVD suite for intermediate to advanced users. In addition to providing analog and digital video capture, Instant DVD 2.0 is a full codec device that enables users to decode MPEG video for output to a TV or record to CD, DVD or tape. ADS Tech Capture Wizard 3.5, Ulead VideoStudio 8, and Ulead DVD MovieFactory 3 SE software are included. ESP is US$149.

Instant DVD+DV is an MPEG-2 video capture device with analog and digital inputs that is designed for intermediate to advanced users. Offering both IEEE-1394 and USB 2.0 connectivity, Instant DVD+DV is ideal for consumers and videographers who shoot footage in DV but want to output to high-quality DVD without having to wait while the video is rendered. The product is bundled with ADS Tech Capture Wizard 3.5, Ulead VideoStudio 8, and Ulead DVD MovieFactory 3 SE. ESP is US$210.

CapWiz 3.5 is compatible with Windows 98SE, 2000, ME or XP desktop or laptop PCs and is shipping with the latest versions of ADS Techs DVD Xpress, Instant DVD 2.0 and Instant DVD + DV. The USB 2.0 Instant DVD products are available for immediate delivery at ADS Techs network of online and retail channels worldwide. The new version of CapWiz is also available as a free download to existing Instant product customers from the ADS Tech web site,

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