Reprinted from a Ulead press release:

Ulead Systems, Inc. announces the availability of DVD Workshop 2.2, the latest update to its seven-time Editors’ Choice award-winning professional DVD authoring software. As a 15-year developer of digital video, imaging, and DVD software, Ulead Systems has long offered industry-leading support for the latest in digital media technology. With the advent of dual-layer DVD burners, Ulead now equips DVD Workshop 2.2 with double-layer DVD recording. At the same time, Ulead provides two-pass MPEG-2 encoding for higher quality DVD productions. Additional features include the ability to automatically add chapter points according to a fixed time interval and play back video on a TV screen. Along with new technology, DVD Workshop 2.2 offers enhanced DVD menu design options and interoperability with a plug-in for PhotoImpact, Ulead’s flagship image editing and graphics creation software. The DVD Workshop 2.2 update and PhotoImpact DVD Menu Plug-in for DVD Workshop 2.2 are available for free at

Dual-layer DVD Recording
Ulead equips DVD Workshop 2.2 with dual-layer DVD burning support. This new technology lets creative professionals use the latest dual-layer burners to double the size (8.5 GB) of video files and other media used in DVD projects.

Two-pass MPEG-2 Encoding
With its industry-leading expertise in MPEG editing, Ulead offers two-pass MPEG-2 encoding in DVD Workshop 2.2. This technology gives creative professionals the ability to produce higher-quality DVD video productions with better compression. Two-pass MPEG-2 encoding enhances image quality by scanning ahead to analyze video footage to determine optimal encoding bitrates per frame.

PhotoImpact DVD Menu Plug-in for DVD Workshop 2.2
Ulead now offers a DVD menu creation plug-in for enhanced interoperability between PhotoImpact (version 8 and above), Ulead’s flagship image editor, and DVD Workshop 2.2 for creating DVD menus. Due to PhotoImpact’s unique object-based approach to graphics creation, it’s an ideal tool to create graphics for DVD buttons, frames, backgrounds and complete menu templates. The PhotoImpact DVD Menu Plug-in lets users create DVD menu elements, assign and check object identification, and import them seamlessly into DVD Workshop 2.2.


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