Panasonic Announces New DVD Recorder

Reprinted from a Panasonic press release:

Panasonic has introduced the DMR-T6070, a new progressive-scan DVD-R/DVD-RAM recorder with a built-in 160GB hard drive for recording of up to 284 hours of material.

Offering unprecedented flexibility in recording material to DVD-RAM or DVD-R, the DMR-T6070 provides up to 36 hours of recording time in the XP mode (the highest quality), 70 hours in SP (standard recording mode), or up to 284 hours in EP (extra-long recording mode). This means a 4.7GB DVD-RAM or DVD-R disc can record up to one hour of material in the XP mode, 2 hours in SP or 8 hours in EP, and a 9.4GB double-sided DVD-RAM disc can hold up to two hours in the XP mode, 4 hours in SP and up to 16 hours in EP mode.

The DMR-T6070 is equipped with an IEEE 1394 DV input and features DV Auto Recording, which allows the user to connect IEEE 1394-equipped devices like a professional digital camcorder to the DVD recorder and transfer material onto the hard disk or a DVD-RAM disc.

The DMR-T6070 offers the ability to create personalized DVDs with user-defined thumbnails. When finalizing a DVD-R disc, both the title and a thumbnail image of the user’s choice from each title are displayed. The unit’s Direct Navigator function displays thumbnails of all the programs recorded on a disc with the simple press of a button. Material can be recorded at the touch of a button without fear of overwriting existing material. The DMR-T6070 allows faster than real time recording from the hard drive; 3X normal speed in DVD-RAM and 4X normal speed in DVD-R (on 4X compatible media) with a touch of a button.

The DMR-T6070 delivers a host of advanced functions — including Time Slip, Chasing Playback and Simultaneous Record and Play — when using either the DMR-T6070’s 160GB hard disk drive or a DVD-RAM disc.

The unit’s Time Slip function allows users to watch a program in progress from the beginning, while the material continues to record to the end. The Time Slip button permits a user to go back to a desired scene during recording. Using DVD-RAM or the hard drive, the Chasing Playback function allows the user to skip back to watch material currently being recorded from any point — that’s already been recorded — while continuing to record the live program in progress.

The DMR-T6070 comes standard with: playlist recording from the hard disk; black level control on input and output; auto renewal recording; relief recording; progressive scanning output for outstanding playback; playlist function and easy video editing; CD-R and MP3 playback; rapid random access during recording and playback; advanced MPEG2 encoding; built-in input TBC and 3D Y/C separation; QuickView (1.3x normal speed viewing); onscreen menu icons; optical digital output for DTS and Dolby digital decoding; switchable (480p/480i) component video out; SD Memory Card and PC card slots; three-prong AC plug; and an on-screen electronic program guide. Its full-function IR remote control offers one-touch fingertip control of all key features.

The DMR-T6070 will be available in August at a suggested list price of $995.

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