Reprinted from a Pegasus Imaging press release:

Pegasus Imaging Corporation, the world leader in video compression technology, today releases the latest PICVideo M-JPEG Codec, Version 3. PICVideo offers incredibly high-speed compression and playback of M-JPEG video files, and the ability to view M-JPEG files on Windows Media Player.

“The fastest M-JPEG codec on the market now supports additional color spaces and playback options,” said Chris Lubeck, vice president of development. “PICVideo v3 follows in the tradition of high performance Pegasus video products with performance, features and value.”

Designed for both novice and professional users, PICVideo is compatible with Adobe Premiere, Video for Windows, DirectShow, ActiveMovie, Ulead Media Studio applications, and more. It is both a Microsoft Video for Windows Codec and a Microsoft DirectShow Transform Filter Codec. Free full-featured trial versions are available for immediate download.

Many new features are included in Version 3. PICVideo offers brightness/contrast adjustment during playback, patent-pending advanced deblocking technology to smooth blockiness of highly compressed videos, and the capability to restore incorrectly encoded YUV videos. PICVideo M-JPEG Codec v3 now supports YV12 and IYUV/I420 colorspaces, and also offers the option to set the field order of interleaved frames.

Visit the Pegasus Imaging website at for a complete PICVideo M-JPEG v3 product description, find more detailed information on new features at or e-mail for more information.

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