Miglia Announces Internal RAID Solutions

Reprinted from a Miglia Technology press release:

Miglia Technology, a global technology solution provider that manufactures, markets and supports a range of own and licensed branded products, today announced that the MediaBank HS-R, its low cost, high security Raid 1 backup/storage product, is now available as an internal solution.

Eric Ferraz, Product Marketing Director, Miglia Technology, commented: “The MediaBank HS-R product range effectively helps protect data against drive failure and also makes backing up your entire drive easy. By mirroring data on two drives and featuring hot swap capability, it completely automates the backup process. The internal version of this product has been specifically developed for our customers using Windows based computers. All desktop users need to do to backup, is take out the bottom drive and store it safely each night.”

MediaBank HS-Ri (Hot Swap Raid Internal) is Miglia’s cost effective, high security internal storage solution. Featuring two easily removable hard drive trays and hardware support for Raid 1 (mirroring), HS-Ri is one of the most secure storage solution available today. Data is written to two hard drives simultaneously, preventing total data loss if a drive were to fail. Hardware support for mirroring removes potential software conflicts and guarantees a faultless and automatic backup of your vital data.

MediaBank HS-Ri ships with a spare hard drive tray, allowing you to keep a drive containing all your data in a secure location! Simply swap a drive and you will have performed a backup!


Hardware support for Raid Level 1 (Mirroring) – Data mirroring and duplication on the two drives inside MediaBank is fully supported by built-in hardware. No additional software is required.

Drives mounted in easily removable trays – To facilitate access for backup or maintenance operations, hard drives are installed in drive trays, which can be removed by simply pulling them out of the case.

Fully automatic drive duplication – Drive duplication is fully automated, your MediaBank HS-Ri operates without any human intervention.

Ships with three hard drive trays for additional offline backup flexibility – For maximum data security, you can run a mirror setup and swap the second drive periodically to always have an ‘offline’ backup.

Runs with one or two hard drives – You can remove one of the two mirrored drives without affecting the availability of your data. HS-Ri will simply synchronise the second drive as soon as it is inserted.

High Speed ATA 100/133 connection – Not only does HS-Ri protect your data and make a backup as easy as 1-2-3, but also achieves high transfer rates thanks to its ultra-fast ATA 100/133 interface.

For further features, please go to: http://www.miglia.com/products/storage/mediabank_hsri/index.html



  • Windows PC with two free adjacent 5.25″ bays
  • Available ATA host card/connector
  • Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, XP
  • Compatible with ATA/5 and ATA/6 hard drives from the following brands: IBM/Hitachi (recommended), Maxtor, Seagate

    Pricing and availability
    The MediaBank HS-Ri is available now from Miglia’s distribution partners, refurb or online store, for a recommended retail price of $329. All units carry a full 2 year RTB warranty. A list of distributors and resellers is available on Miglia’s website: http://www.miglia.com/buy/index.html

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