Memorex Adds Dual-Layer DVD+R to Lineup

Reprinted from a Memorex press release:

Memorex, the number one brand of digital media and media accessories, delivers the highest capacity DVD media available with its new Double Layer DVD+R discs. Among the first to ship double layer recordable media, Memorex discs allow for 80 percent more recording capacity than current single layer discs.

Longer continuous recording makes Memorex Double Layer DVDs ideal for recording movies, music and sporting events. Double layer discs offer DVD-quality picture resolution with four hours of recording time — about two hours more than a single layer DVD — accommodating most standard length movies all on one disc. In addition to entertainment fans, computer users also will find high-capacity double layer DVDs to be an ideal back-up and storage medium for their data files.

Memorex is among the first to meet the demand for higher capacity optical media and bring the highly anticipated double layer DVD media to the retail shelf. Consumers now can record four hours of DVD-quality video in standard play mode (SP) or 16 hours of VHS-quality video in extended play mode (EP). Double layer DVD+R discs, which record at 2.4x speed, require a double layer burner for recording, but are playback-compatible with most standard computer and home DVD players on the market because they conform to the DVD9 commercial standard.

Each Memorex Double Layer disc is packaged in a “movie box” case, just like the pre-recorded DVD movies that consumers buy and rent, so they can easily be added to a video collector’s existing DVD library.

“The development of double layer media is a huge step forward in the arena of personal recording,” said Brad Yeager, senior product marketing manager for digital media. “As the leading consumer brand of digital media, Memorex is here to quickly deliver this latest innovation to shoppers through our nationwide retail partners.”

Memorex Double Layer DVD+R discs will be complemented by the upcoming release of Memorex’s high-performance Double Layer DVD Recorder, scheduled to ship to retailers at the end of July.

Availability and Pricing
Memorex Double Layer DVD+R discs will ship in early July to major national retailers. The discs will be available individually to consumers, for a suggested retail price of $12.99.

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