Reprinted from a Digital Juice press release:

Digital Juice, the world leader in royalty-free, network-quality content, including royalty-free, network-quality animated graphics, royalty-free, network-quality music and now royalty-free, network-quality video announces VideoTraxx, our massive stock footage library of more than 3200 clips for just $599!

VideoTraxx is the largest single volume of royalty-free stock film and video clips available anywhere. We put thousands of clips, captured by film and video professionals from around the world, through an arduous elimination process to ensure a quality collection of only the best segments. This vast library contains over 3200 film and video clips, taken from their original color-timed masters, and separated into 35+ unique categories to help provide creative professionals with flexibility, variety and options.

  • Over 3200 original film and video clips
  • Over 35 categories of royalty-free footage
  • Incredible library of 34 DVDs
  • 220GB of stock footage
  • NTSC QuickTime MOV format (Now available for PAL!)
  • Converts to AVI, QT or image sequence formats with free Juicer 2 processing software
  • Keyword searchable index within Juicer 2 software
  • Multiple angles available for numerous scenes

    Categories: Family (48 clips), Elderly (30 clips), People (102 clips), Children (56 clips), Health (19 clips), Fitness (43 clips), Sports (162 clips), Extreme Sports (143 clips), Recreation (187 clips), Leisure (79 clips), Abstract (23 clips), Music (47 clips), Business (150 clips), Work (45 clips), Suburbia (45 clips), City Life (41 clips), Industry (81 clips), Commerce (19 clips), Urban (129 clips), Science (118 clips), Technology (97 clips), NASA (80 clips), Government (42 clips), Military (39 clips), Farming (16 clips), Agriculture (31 clips), Animals (78 clips), Food (17 clips), Travel (199 clips), International (200 clips), Sights (141 clips), Aerials (92 clips), Landscapes (182 clips), Weather (200 clips), Nature (200 clips).

    The entire library sells for just $599! To order call 800 525-2203 or visit Previews are available at:

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