Reprinted from a ZOOtech press release:

The world of DVD-Video production will be completely altered by ZOOtech, Ltd. with the launch of DVD-EXTRA STUDIO today at the National Association of Broadcasters annual convention. This revolutionary DVD-Video production system allows DVD authors and multimedia developers to produce highly interactive DVD-Video discs which will play on any standard, set top consumer DVD player. DVD-EXTRA STUDIO enables developers to unlock the capabilities of every DVD player and produce titles that exhibit many of the properties of multimedia CD-ROM on a standard, unmodified, set-top player. In addition, DVD-EXTRA STUDIO will allow developers to create and test current interactive DVD content at a dramatically reduced cost with a faster time to market. DVD-EXTRA STUDIO also enables developers to create DVD content with new levels of complexity and interactivity.

“DVD-EXTRA STUDIO takes DVD-Video production to an entirely new level,” said Stuart Green, Chief Technology Officer, ZOOtech, Ltd. “The conventional approach to DVD development is a very labor and time intensive process. The DVD-EXTRA approach allows various levels of development to be automated or to occur in parallel, so development of highly interactive products is more time efficient effectively leveraging skills and assets to create new interactivity in DVDs.”

DVD-EXTRA STUDIO dramatically reduces the economic barriers and development obstacles associated with producing rich interactive DVD entertainment. For example, compatibility problem diagnosis is built in to the product lessening the need to learn coding strategies. Templates are available to create multiple territory or regional editions, simplifying the development of multiple edition titles. DVD-EXTRA STUDIO also allows developers to change designs easily, automatically updating projects to reflect the changes. This flexibility means that designs can now be reviewed and revised during production without incurring significant re-working costs. DVD-EXTRA STUDIO also provides benefits unrivalled by the competition, including:

  • Graphic Design: Assets and menus can be created more quickly, reliably and for less cost.
  • Authoring: Quicker, more reliable authoring with links and instructions created automatically
  • Testing: Less costly and quicker because you can test sample groups as opposed to testing each and every button
  • Production: Allows you to do original asset creation and authoring parallel to one another resulting in higher efficiency

    “From graphic design to prototyping and testing, DVD-EXTRA STUDIO sets a new gauge for DVD-Video production,” said Green. “Our unique methodology will continue to clearly differentiate DVD-EXTRA STUDIO from the competing products and establish DVD-EXTRA STUDIO as the industry standard for development of highly interactive DVDs for a variety of applications.”

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