SmartSound Releases Sonicfire Pro 3.2 with Flash and Avid support

Reprinted from a SmartSound press release:

SmartSound Software, Inc., the leading provider of soundtrack creation technology for visual content creators, today announced the release of Sonicfire Pro 3.2, the latest version of the company’s flagship product for professional users. Sonicfire Pro 3.2 includes advanced integration with both Macromedia Flash and with Avid professional video editing products. This makes Sonicfire Pro 3.2 the clear choice for anyone looking for a music and sound effect solution that can take them through the entire creative process.

“The new integration features mean that someone who purchases Sonicfire Pro isn’t just getting a tool to create soundtracks for video or film or digital content,” said Kevin Klingler, president and CEO of SmartSound Software. “What they are getting is a dynamic and versatile tool that can be used throughout the entire creative process. Sonicfire Pro 3.2 can not only be used to score the footage, but also to create the background music and effects needed to publish the production on the Internet or onto a DVD.”

Sonicfire Pro 3.2’s Flash integration gives users the ability to create pre-licensed soundtracks of either a fixed or infinite length with the click of a mouse. When they are happy with the result, they can export the soundtrack and visuals directly into Flash. Meanwhile, Sonicfire Pro 3.2 takes advantage of Avid’s MetaSync feature to let users export created music files into their timeline.

In addition to the new integration options, Sonicfire Pro 3.2 will be the first version of Sonicfire Pro to be available for download. Starting at just $99.95 users can download Digital Creator’s Edition, which includes the Sonicfire Pro 3.2 software with a limited number of music selections. This lower entry point is a great option for digital content creators looking for a cost-effective solution. Video professionals can purchase boxed version of the software from, starting with the Standard Edition (featuring the software and about 40 tracks of music) for $299. Downloadable demos are also available from SmartSound at their Web site.

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