CPC Introduces MacSubtitle

Reprinted from a CPC press release:

CPC’s new MacSubtitle software subtitles a multitude of video formats, from videotape, to DVD’s, to video-on-demand – without the need for a hardware character generator. Customers will realize substantial cost savings, since they will not have to purchase a hardware character generator, which typically costs thousands of dollars. Features include multi-language capability, border around characters, translucent backgrounds, proportionally spaced fonts, kerning, and line spacing.

MacSubtitle can also automatically break and accurately time subtitles at the click of button. This automates the labor-intensive job of having a subtitle editor listen to the audio, manually break the text into subtitles, and then synchronize the subtitles with the dialogue.

This exciting new software will be introduced at the opening day of the NAB (National Association of Broadcaster’s) Convention in Las Vegas, NV at CPC’s booth #C-10332.

To subtitle a video, you need to have a text file of the audio. Up until now, a subtitle editor would listen to the audio, and manually synchronize the subtitles with the audio using time code. This is a painstaking and time-consuming job. With this new technology, the subtitle editor simply connects to the internet and uploads the script and the corresponding audio file to a file server. Within minutes (depending on the size of the file), a time stamped script file will be displayed on the computer. After reviewing the CaptionSync file and making any last minute changes, the file is ready for to be combined with the video as utilizing CPC’s Mac based MacSubtitle software.

“Delivering automated subtitles will allow MacSubtitle users to be even more productive.” said Dr. Dilip Som, President of CPC. “Quality, speed, and cost effectiveness are very important to CPC customers, and CaptionSync delivers on all accounts.”

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