Reprinted from an Artbeats press release:

Artbeats, an award-winning provider of royalty-free stock footage, and Edirol Corporation, a world leader in solutions for desktop media production, today announced that Edirol’s new DV-7PR, DV-7DL and PR-50 digital video workstations will ship with 32 full resolution clips from Artbeats’ extensive stock footage library. Combining Artbeats’ artistic and high-quality footage with Edirol’s video editing and presentation technology provides a powerful and versatile audio/visual performance tool for the desktop media production marketplace. Edirol will showcase the company’s new workstations and other products at the 2004 National Association of Broadcasters Convention (NAB), booth SL1775. Artbeats will showcase its entire stock footage library at NAB, booth SL4105.

Edirol’s DV-7PR, DV-7DL and PR-50 all ship with a wide range of 32 Artbeats clips, which if purchased individually would be valued at more than $4,500 USD. These full resolution clips are watermark free and come from some of Artbeats’ most popular collections, including: Cyber Journeys, ReelExplosions 4, Deep Forest, Sky Effects, City Rush, Water Effects 2, ReelFire 1, Mountain Peaks 1, Cloud Fly-Thrus 2 and Nature’s Gallery 2. Artbeats maintains one of the industry’s largest and most diverse royalty-free stock footage libraries consisting of over 240 titles, 56 of which are high-definition.

“The Artbeats library is renowned for its exceptional quality and diverse subject matter,” said John Broadhead of Edirol Corporation. “We wanted to provide our customers with a powerful digital video solution that included the very best in stock footage and Artbeats was the obvious choice.”

Designed for use in any live event such as concerts, churches, clubs and seminars, Edirol’s DV-7PR and PR-50 are unique, real-time visual performance systems that allow instantaneous recall of hundreds of high-quality digital video material. In addition to touch screen support, both products can also respond to any MIDI based control device, such as a MIDI Keyboard, to allow the user to combine digital video clips, digital audio, and still images into a synchronized presentation. The PR lineup can play and loop indefinitely or be assigned a schedule for Digitial Signage applications. The DV-7DL is a powerful video editing system that allows the user to mix, edit and loop video in real-time. This intuitive editing process allows the creative flow to be less interrupted, resulting in a higher quality product produced faster.

“Edirol builds some of the industry’s best live video performance and editing workstations,” said Phil Bates, president of Artbeats. “Combining a versatile selection of Artbeats’ unique, high-quality footage with Edirol’s latest digital video products offers a robust solution for video presentations, concerts and worship events.”

Pricing and Availability
The Edirol DV-7PR is priced at USD $5995 and is available now. The Edirol PR-50 is priced at USD $4295 and will be available summer 2004. The DV-7DL will also be released in summer 2004. For more information or to purchase Edirol products, visit the company’s Web site at or contact Edirol Corporation at (360) 594-4273 or

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