Reprinted from a Pinnacle Systems press release:

Pinnacle Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: PCLE) today announced three new computer video hardware products for consumers, designed to work exclusively with the USB 2.0 standard, and deliver broadcast quality video, low-power, and portability at a consumer price-point. Because these new products use the high bandwidth of USB2, it eliminates the need for expensive and power-hungry hardware compression, enabling new price/performance levels. The three external products, the Dazzle DVC 90, Studio MovieBox Deluxe and PCTV USB2, will be unveiled at the CeBIT exhibition today (Hall 6, Stand D20).

“As a leader in video technology, Pinnacle is offering the first set of video peripherals created especially for Hi-Speed USB 2.0,” said Bill Loesch, vice president of engineering and product management of Pinnacle’s Business & Consumer division. “We were quick to adopt USB 2.0 for our consumer products because it offers huge advantages to applications that demand high-quality video signals.”

Fast, Compact, Easy to Install
PC owners can quickly and easily connect these peripheral devices to their PCs using their USB 2.0 connector, which provides up to 480 Mbits/sec of data throughput for bandwidth-hungry audio and video I/O. PCTV USB2, Dazzle DVC90 and MovieBox Deluxe leverage the huge speed increase of USB 2.0 to capture broadcast quality uncompressed video at 166 Mbit/sec in a compact, external package. USB 2.0 is supported on virtually all new PCs, including notebooks and desktop systems.


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“Now that over 140 million PCs are already enabled with High-Speed USB2.0, and another 150 million more forecast to be sold in 2004, the time is right for products like these from Pinnacle Systems”, said Jeff Ravencraft, Intel Technology Strategist and President and Chairman of the USB IF. “This new family of products fully realizes the potential of the High-Speed USB2.0 bus and provides no-compromise USB video solutions.”

Pinnacle PCTV USB2 is a compact, external device for watching and recording TV programs on a desktop or laptop system equipped with USB 2.0 connectors. Included is Pinnacle’s Vision PVR software, which provides advanced TimeShifting features, which let users view, pause, rewind, replay and fast-forward live TV. PCTV USB2 is ideal for users who want to watch and record TV programs on their PC, but who do not wish (or do not have room) to install an internal card. Small, lightweight, and bus-powered, PCTV USB2 is also suitable for laptop users. With a built in TV tuner, PCTV USB2 is a complementary product to Pinnacle Show Center as a video content source.

Dazzle DVC 90
The Dazzle Digital Video Creator 90 is a palm-sized, bus-powered input device that lets users quickly and easily connect their camcorder and PC to start working with video on the computer. The DVC 90 captures full-quality, full screen video and connects to any computer with a USB 2.0 port. Included with the hardware is Pinnacle Studio QuickStart, allowing users to create compelling video projects with professional effects, scene transitions and interactive menus. Studio QuickStart features one-button video cleaning and color correction tools as well as easy-to-use SmartMovie capabilities. Video projects can be saved as Video CDs, S-VCDs DVDs or web video.

MovieBox Deluxe
Pinnacle Systems MovieBox Deluxe connects any analog or DV camcorder to a PC. The device features analog video inputs and outputs and IEEE 1394 (DV) input and output. Using Pinnacle’s patent-pending “tunneling” technology, MovieBox Deluxe solves the problem of connecting a DV camcorder to a USB 2.0-equipped PC, and enables full control of the camcorder via the Studio 9 interface. The sleek, metallic blue hardware case for MovieBox Deluxe was designed by F.A. Porsche.

Included with MovieBox Deluxe is Pinnacle Studio 9 and Hollywood FX Plus software. Pinnacle Systems Studio 9 redefines home movie making with easy automatic editing capabilities, powerful tools for improving old or damaged video, and new creative options including home cinema-quality movie creation and DVD authoring-all through Studio’s simple, award-winning interface. Pinnacle Hollywood FX Plus expands on Studio 9’s library of tools, menus and effects with more than 300 high quality 3D rendered effects, audio effects and interactive DVD menus. HFX Plus also features complete effect control and expandable libraries.

Pricing and Availability
DVC 90, MovieBox Deluxe and PCTV USB2 Pricing and availability are as follows:

Pinnacle Systems PCTV USB 2.0, $99, available late April

Pinnacle Systems Dazzle DVC 90, $89, available late April

Pinnacle Systems Movie Box Deluxe, $249, available mid-April

All products require Windows XP and a USB 2.0 port. They are not compatible with USB 1.1.

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