Darim Vision Introduces MPEGator 4

Reprinted from a Darim press release:

Darim Vision (http://www.darim.com), a leading provider of integrated MPEG Encoding, Streaming, Broadcasting, and Security solutions, announced today that the long awaited MPEGator 4, the real-time multi-format MPEG-4 encoder, is now shipping. Available immediately, this fourth iteration of the popular MPEGator product line, is packed full of exciting advanced features. For pricing, please call Darim at 1-888-GET-MPEG (438-6734) or email us at usasales@darim.com.

The successor to the award winning MPEGator 1 capture card, the MPEGator 4 is an entirely hardware based real time MPEG-4 video encoder that also supports MPEG-2 and MPEG-1 formats for compatibility with legacy applications. The MPEGator 4 is engineered to deliver the highest quality video with the smallest possible file size. Featuring 9-bit video digitizing, special inter-frame video filtering circuitry, and professional YUV component input connectors, this powerful workhorse provides users the tools they need to shine when working with demanding applications like video content creation, archiving, and video streaming. A royalty free Software Development Kit (MSDK) is also available for those who need more customization.

“We are very pleased to announce the immediate availability of this powerful professional tool. At Darim we have striven to remain ahead of the curve — anticipating technological improvements,” said John Houston, vice president of marketing at Darim. “The MPEGator 4 is a real life example of this philosophy. It truly is the most encompassing video encoding tool on the market.”

MPEGator 4
The MPEGator 4 is the most advanced MPEG-4 encoder available today. With features like full D1 and frame rate, the MPEGator 4 is opening new power encoding solutions for Video CD production, video conferencing, digital security systems, and multimedia content creation. The MPEGator 4 has the same software development kit (SDK) format as its predecessor, the award winning MPEGator 1 so customers can easily migrate their existing legacy MPEGator 1 systems to encode MPEG-4 content without any modification to their applications. The defacto standard in digital video encoding solutions the MPEGator 4 is presently the only choice for high quality, real time MPEG encoding medium for broadcasting, corporate events, advertising, medical, and promotional settings with cost sensitive budgets and the need for the highest quality MPEG-4 digital video recording and playback.

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