Samsung Shows New Camcorders at CES

Reprinted from a Samsung press release:

Samsung Electronics America, Inc., an award-winning camcorder maker and the fastest growing brand in consumer electronics, announces the introduction of its new Mini-DV Digital Camcorder line featuring multi-format memory card slots and multi- language On-Screen Display (OSD) options. The Mini-DV Camcorders will be on display at the Samsung booth, #11027 in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center at CES from January 8th – 11th.

While most camcorder manufacturers are vested in one memory format, Samsung’s line offers consumers a broad range of options with its multi-card slot. Consumers can choose to use Memory Stick (MS), Memory Stick Pro (MS Pro), Secure Digital (SD) or Multi Media Cards (MMC). In addition, users can choose the OSD language from English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

“Our new Mini-DV Camcorder line is our most expansive camcorder offering to date,” said Claude Frank, Director of Marketing, Digital Audio/Video Products, Samsung Electronics America. “It demonstrates Samsung’s commitment to providing consumers with superior products that are ultra-modern, easy to use, and offer unique features. These Camcorders not only deliver the highest quality video, they deliver it in any light condition.”

SCD-100 Series
Samsung’s SCD-100 Series features the SC-D103 and the SC-D107. Both Camcorders take advantage of a new compact shooting design – 12% smaller than the ’03 model – and utilize a 680,000-pixel CCD and lens system in order to deliver high-fidelity Mini-DV video. They feature color slow shutters, video lights, Digital Image Stabilization, and an EZ-Dial Navigator for ease of use. They offer FireWire ports for downloading, and Samsung’s Power Nite Pix technology for capturing video in low-light situations. Both offer the user a Multi-Language OSD and support MPEG4 and JPEG formats.

The SCD-103 sports an 18x Optical/900x Digital Zoom, a 112K-pixel 2.5″ LCD, a Black and White Viewfinder and Memory Stick Slot. The SCD-107 packs a 20x Optical/900x Digital Zoom, a 225K-pixel 3.5″ High-Resolution LCD, analog input and a Color Viewfinder. It also comes with a remote control and features a Multi-Card Memory Slot. The SCD-103 has an MSRP of $399.99 and will be available in March 2004, while the SCD-107 has an MSRP of $499.99 and will be available in April 2004.

SCD-300/400 Series
Two versatile camcorders fill out the SC-D300/400 Series, the SC-D303 and the SC-D407. Extremely compact, with a light form factor, these camcorders provide a fashionable, ergonomic and convenient shooting ability. They both feature a 123K-pixel 2.5″ LCD, Slow Shutter, Digital Image Stabilization, EZ-Dial Navigator and contain FireWire ports for connectivity.

The SCD-303 utilizes a 680,000-pixel CCD, 20x Optical/900x Digital Zoom; color Viewfinder, and a Memory Stick Slot. It also supports MPEG4 movie clips and comes with the Multi-Language OSD. The SCD-407 offers a 1/4″, 1.33Mega-pixel CCD, a 10x Optical/800x Digital Zoom, SXGA (1280 x 960) Image Resolution, a Manual Focus Dial, Digital PCM Stereo Audio, External Microphone, Multi-Card Memory Slot and comes with a Remote Control. The SCD-303 has an MSRP of $449.99 and will be available in April of 2004, while the SCD-407 has an MSRP of $549.99 and will be available in August 2004.

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