Panasonic Announces 2004 3-Chip Camcorders

Reprinted from a Panasonic press release:

The new Panasonic model PV-GS120 and PV-GS200 camcorders take center stage in the companys 2004 camcorder line. Featuring Leica Optics and 3CCD technology, the new models produce motion and still images with true-to-life color and expressive detail.

“These new models feature Panasonics most advanced digital technologies and in-demand, high-performance features,” said Rudolf Vitti, national marketing manager of the Panasonic Optical Group. “Like their predecessors, they are intended for those who appreciate the ease-of-use of a consumer camcorder but demand high-end features found on Panasonics professional models.”

These top-of-the-line camcorders incorporate the same type of 3CCD imaging system used in Panasonics celebrated professional camcorders. Individual CCDs are used to reproduce the red, green and blue colors that compose an image for vivid, true-to-life pictures with remarkable depth and presence. They also boast the sophisticated Leica Dicomar lens, which has become known for its ability to capture and finely render the most delicate nuances of light and shade.

With a built in digital still camera feature, the new camcorders can also record high-resolution digital still images utilizing the versatile SD Memory Card. Both the 1.2 mega pixel PV-GS120 and 2.3 mega pixel PV-GS200 feature a 10x telescopic optical zoom lens; a 700x digital zoom1 that allows for amazing 700:1 clear, close-ups from wide angle to full telephoto zoom; and a Macro Zoom feature, which lets users shoot extreme close-ups at distances as close as 40cm.

To faithfully reproduce natural skin tones, both camcorders feature the new Soft Skin Detail function, which detects skins different tones and softens the focus to create a realistic blend.

With new easy-to-access controls and “direct select” features, the new PV-GS120 and PV-GS200 are also extremely easy to operate.

The PV-GS200 features MPEG-4 movie recording capability. Users can transfer MPEG-4 video clips with audio to a PC to create clip libraries and presentations, or to attach to an e-mail. Used as Web cams, these models are ideal for video conferencing with friends or family, or as a simple monitoring device when users are away from home.

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