MicroNet Announces FireWire 800-based SAN

Reprinted from a MicroNet Technology press release:

MICRONET TECHNOLOGY, an innovator in storage solutions, today announced the introduction of the next generation patented SANcube800, the industry’s first FireWire 800 SAN (Storage Area Network). The SANcube800 serverless storage network delivers extremely fast connectivity and up to 1.5 TERABYTES online with the speed and fault tolerance of a hardware RAID controller, and is built from the ground up for the creative professional. With RAID 5 and hot swappable drives for data integrity, the SANcube800 is the only SAN that allows users of Final Cut Pro to share resources on multiple different editing workstations simultaneously without the need for expensive SCSI or Fibre Channel cards & cables.

In today’s fast-paced video post-production workflow, the SAN is quickly becoming an incredible tool for sharing media, and consolidating projects. With one central location, multiple users can access shared resources across Firewire 800. Providing DV content creators with fast, reliable storage for project collaboration, SANcube800 is engineered for digital content designers who create and transfer large mission-critical video projects on PowerMac systems. Leveraging the fastest peripheral bus ever created, the SANcube800 enhances workgroup productivity by delivering up to 70MB/sec transfer rates.

SANcube800 consists of a centralized “data cube” that incorporates five fastest in class 7200RPM ATA-6 hard drives yielding a capacity of up to 1.5TB of online storage. The sleek, compact enclosure features an integrated carrying handle that allows for easy transport. The simplicity of FireWire makes set-up a snap, and since SANcube800 is hot-pluggable, the system expands and reconfigures easily as workgroup storage requirements increase. By centralizing data, offering RAID fault tolerance, providing share level data access, and eliminating data copying time, SANcube800 significantly increases productivity in any collaborative environment and eliminates the cost and complexity of adding external drives to each individual workstation.

Targeted at the DV, multimedia, and prepress markets, SANcube800 speeds workflow in collaborative workgroups where large digital files are manipulated by several individuals throughout the creative process. For creative groups utilizing video capture, editing, rendering, and output applications SANcube800 provides efficient integration and fast file access to streamline workflow.

MicroNet SANcube800 is scheduled to ship Q1 of 2004, and will be available from MicroNet VARs, select resellers and catalogue resellers worldwide.

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