JVC Introduces New Mini DV Camcorders

Reprinted from a JVC press release:

JVC today introduced a new Mini DV camcorder line, distinguished by compact, distinctive styling, and a compelling feature package. For 2004, JVC offers a wide range of camcorder options, from value-packed entry-level models to elegant, feature-rich pocket-sized camcorders.

“JVC’s new camcorder line is stronger than ever, with compact, fun styling combined with new features that provide clear-cut user benefits,” said Dave Owen, General Manager, Consumer Video, JVC Company of America. “There’s a JVC camcorder to meet every need, each offering outstanding image quality, convenience and style.”

Among the new features for this year is 3D noise reduction, a new LCD monitor that delivers a superior image even in bright light situations, and an Auto Illumi-Light for low light shooting. All three of these features are included in every 2004 JVC camcorder.

JVC’s 3D noise reduction is proven picture improvement technology from VCRs that’s now available in JVC camcorders. This circuitry reduces video noise by approximately 30 percent, especially when shooting in low light. Edge flicker is also reduced, allowing finely detailed images to be shot with very little noise.

To make shooting easier, JVC’s new Crystal-View LCD monitor suppresses diffusion of internal light to deliver a brighter, clearer image, and also reduces reflection and glare from external light so images are clearly visible even when shooting outdoors in bright sunlight.

To easily handle a broad range of lighting conditions, JVC offers its new LED Auto Illumi-Light in every 2004 Mini DV camcorder. This built-in light automatically turns on in low light situations and allows bright, full-color images to be shot even in total darkness. And since it’s an LED, its power consumption is 1/10th that of a conventional video light.

For superior image quality, all JVC Mini DV camcorders feature a Super High-Band Processor that restores the high-band components of the luminance signal to ensure a crisp, clear picture. Advanced models include a 1.33-megapixel CCD for stunning 540 lines of horizontal resolution, while entry-level models feature a 680,000 pixel CCD that delivers 520 lines of resolution.

JVC’s commitment to image quality is further evidenced in its Mini DV camcorders’ ability to capture digital stills with no motion blur. Step-up models offer a progressive shutter that allows stills to be captured by the entire frame, eliminating the blur that occurs when separate fields are combined to form a frame. In addition, the 1.33 megapixel models can capture 27 percent more visual information than 680,000-pixel cameras, providing images of 1600 x 1200 pixels, 1024 x 768 pixels and 640 x 480 pixels.

For 2004, an expanded number of JVC camcorders offer the ability to create high-quality MPEG-4 video clips from recorded video footage, or in real-time using the camcorder as a Webcam. This allows for computer-based editing, e-mailing video clips or uploading to Web sites. For those who want the convenience of disc-based video, select models are outfitted with USB MPEG-1 real-time streaming and ImageMixer software for using a CD burner to easily create a Video CD that will play in a DVD player. In addition, the included ImageMixer 1.7 software allows one-touch burning to CD-R/RW with Windows PCs.

Throughout JVC’s Mini DV line, the camcorders are designed with the PC in mind, offering multiple PC connection options, including MMC/SD memory cards and USB, iLink (IEEE 1394) DV cable and analog inputs.

JVC’s new Mini DV camcorders are offered in three distinct series: the Compact, Ultra-Compact and Celebrity Series.

Compact Series
JVC’s Compact Series Mini DV camcorders feature crisp, new styling and offer all key JVC camcorder technologies. This year’s Compact Series models are 20 percent smaller than last year’s entry-level model (GR-D30), and like all JVC camcorders feature the convenience of the company’s unique Power Linked operation – just open the LCD monitor or pull out the viewfinder and the camcorder is powered up and ready to shoot.

  • GR-D33US: 1/6-inch 680,000 pixel CCD, 2.5-inch LCD monitor, NightAlive (for low-light shooting), 16X optical /700X digital zoom.

    Nationally advertised value: $449.99

    Available: February 2004

  • GR-D72US: Adds – USB connectivity, video CD creation, e-mail video clips (MPEG-4 streaming/MPEG-1 video capture), HG digital stills with two image size settings: 1024 x 768/640 x 480 pixels), MultiMedia card slot, remote control, analog input.

    Nationally advertised value: $549.99

    Available: February 2004

  • GR-D93US: Adds – -inch 1.33 megapixel CCD, 10X optical/700X digital zoom, HG digital stills with four image size settings (1600 x 1200/1280 x 960/1024 x 768/640 x 480 pixels), 8MB MultiMedia Card provided.

    Nationally advertised value: $699.99

    Available: February 2004

    Ultra-Compact Series
    JVC’s Ultra-Compact Series Mini DV camcorders feature a fun, stylish design unique to JVC. The initial model in this series features JVC’s DV Navigation, which displays thumbnails for each recorded scene to make it quick and easy to find specific material. Also featured is a 2.5-inch LCD monitor, 10X optical/500X digital zoom, USB connectivity, Video CD creation, e-mail video clips capability, NightAlive and include an 8MB SD card.

  • GR-D230US: -inch 1.33 megapixel CCD, HG digital with four image size settings (1600 x 1200/1280 x 960/1024 x 768/640 x 480 pixels), DV Navigation.

    Nationally advertised value: $799.99

    Available: April 2004

    Celebrity Series
    The Celebrity Series is a new generation of JVC pocket-size camcorders featuring chic, jewel-like styling in a size that will handily fit into a purse or pocket. Some Celebrity Series camcorders feature a new super bright all-glass aspherical f1.2 lens – 2.3 times the brightness of an f1.8 lens – all in a design compact enough to allow these models to be nearly 15 percent smaller than the models they replace. Other shared features include USB connectivity, Video CD creation, e-mail video clips, HG digital stills with two image size settings ((1024 x 768/640 x 480 pixels), NightAlive, DVD Navigation, analog input, and a SD/MMC card slot.

  • GR-DX77US: 1/6-inch 680,000 pixel CCD, f1.2 lens; 15X optical/700 digital zoom, 2.5-inch LCD.

    Nationally advertised value: $599.99

    Available: April 2004

  • GR-DX97US: Adds – 3-inch LCD, 8MB MMC card.

    Nationally advertised value: $699.99

    Available: April 2004

  • GR-DX307US: Adds – -inch 1.33 megapixel CCD, 10X optical/500X digital zoom, f1.8 lens.

    Nationally advertised value: $799.99

    Available: June 2004

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