Heuris’ Indie HD Toolkit Imports HD Footage Into FCP 4

Reprinted from a Heuris press release:

HEURIS, a pioneer in HD solutions for the independent filmmaker will demo its all new Indie HD Toolkit in the JVC booth at Macworld. The Indie HD toolkit will feature a series of software tools developed by HEURIS that lets videographers bring footage, shot with the revolutionary JY-HD10U camera, into Apple’s Final Cut Pro digital video editing program. With HEURIS’ new Indie HD toolkit, a significantly larger filmmaking audience has the capability and editing functionality to use JVC’s HDV camera for their HD image capture needs.

The new Indie HD toolkit will be different from the previously released HEURIS Pro Indie HD Toolkit in two important ways. First, the more fully featured MPEG Power Professional HD will be replaced with the easy-to-use XportHD MPEG-2 encoding software. Second, the price will be reduced to under $500.

The New Indie HD Toolkit will feature three powerful software tools: the XtractorHDV import utility, the all-new XportHD MPEG-2 encoding software and the XtoHD player utility. HEURIS has developed and bundled these tools to enable independent filmmakers utilizing JVC’s JY-HD10U camera to easily transfer footage to the Final Cut Pro editing tool.

“Our goal is to make HD technology accessible for all video and filmmakers,” said HEURIS President, Brian Quandt. “With this goal in mind, we made the encoding part of the process even easier with our new XportHD encoding software. This one-button HD encoding process makes HD delivery a snap. And the new price can’t help but make this technology available to an even larger group of talented shooters and producers”

With the HEURIS Indie HD Toolkit, the process from HD acquisition to distribution is simple. Filmmakers shoot their footage with the JVC JY-HD10U cameras. Connecting an IEEE-1394 firewire from the JVC camera to the desktop, users can easily download HD video through XtractorHDV with a single click, which imports and converts the HDV into a format suitable for use by the Final Cut Pro digital video editing system. Once the footage has been edited, XportHD software encodes the footage into 720p MPEG-2 HD streams. The XtoHD tool transfers the MPEG-2 streams to a D-VHS deck for playback or can record to D-VHS tape if so desired.

A Powerful HD Package
The HEURIS Indie HD Toolkit includes:

  • XtractorHDV – A powerful import tool that transfers video and audio from JVC HD cameras to the desktop through an IEEE-1394 connector. The powerful XtractorHDV utility lets Final Cut Pro import native HDV footage for the first time.
  • XportHD – This easy-to-use MPEG-2 encoding software encodes files directly from the Final Cut Pro timeline using QuickTime export.
  • XtoHD -HEURIS’ player utility plays back HD files through a D-VHS deck through an IEEE-1394 firewire, and can also record footage to D-HVS tape.

    Pricing and Availability
    HEURIS will begin shipping the entire Indie HD Toolkit in February with an SRP of $499. The product will be available direct from HEURIS at 1-800-923-9232 or from the HEURIS website at www.heuris.com. XtractorHDV and XtoHD can be purchased today for $199, and $99 respectively.

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