Reprinted from an ADS press release:

ADS Tech (link removed – no longer active) announced today that it is now shipping its new PYRO 1394b PCI Card and PYRO 1394b Cardbus for Notebooks.

The PYRO 1394b PCI Card is a true 64-bit PCI interface card that supports FireWire devices with transfer speeds up to 800 Mbps. By upgrading to the new card, PC, Mac and network users can achieve twice the speed of 1394a for improved workflow and increased productivity. With two FireWire 800 ports and one FireWire 400 port, the PYRO PCI and Cardbus cards will work with all future and legacy 1394a devices.

More efficient than 1394a, the ADS Tech PYRO 1394b PCI and Cardbus cards reduce data delays on the bus. It also reduces signal distortion, enabling higher throughput and making the card ideal for high-speed storage, backup and video capture solutions. With the new card, users have the real time delivery they need for audio and video applications where dropped or out-of-order frames cannot be tolerated.

The PYRO 1394b cards leverage ADS Tech's PYRO/FireWire leadership to deliver an OHCI-compliant 1394b host controller with support for 100 Mb/sec. (12.5 MB/sec), 200 Mb/sec. (25 MB/sec.), 400 Mb/sec. (50 MB/sec.) and 800 Mb/sec. (100 MB/sec.) data transfer speeds. Two ports are available for 1394b connections and one port for 1394a connections.

In addition to being fully backward-compatible with FireWire 400/1394a devices, ADS Tech's new 800/FireWire Cards are compatible with all DV editing software supporting OHCI FireWire cards.

Designed to provide the vital link between PCs or Macs and the multitude of FireWire devices now available, the PYRO 1394b Cards deliver plug-and-play convenience-users don't have to shut down their system or wait for it to reboot when a FireWire device is connected. The devices are instantly recognized. Users can also connect up to 63 FireWire devices or up to 16 devices daisy chained together in a single chain.

Pricing, Availability
Available through ADS Tech's network of online and retail channels worldwide, the PYRO 1394b PCI Card has an ESP of US$80. The kit includes the PYRO 1394b PCI Card, with two nine-pin 1394b ports and a six-pin 1394a port. The PYRO 1394b Cardbus for Notebooks has an ESP of US$99. The kit includes the PYRO 1394b Card Bus, a connector dongle with two nine-pin 1394b ports and a six-pin 1394a port.

Both the PYRO 1394b PCI Card and Cardbus can be used with Windows 2000 and XP PCs and FireWire-enabled Mac OS X (10.2.6) systems.

ADS Tech also offers a new PYRO 1394b Drive Kit that works with the PYRO 1394b Card to convert HD, CD and DVD drives to FireWire solutions that can be connected to PC, Mac and network servers. The PYRO 1394b Drive Kit has an ESP of US$119.

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