Teac Announces 8X DVD+R/+RW Burner

Reprinted from a Teac press release:

TEAC, a premier manufacturer of Computer Storage Peripherals including CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, Internal and USB Floppy Drives and DVD-Recorder storage technology, announces the launch of its new DV-W58E DVD+R/+RW DVD-Recorder drive, an 8X DVD+R/RW IDE/ATAPI DVD-Recorder drive.

TEAC’s new 8X DVD+R/RW DVD-Recorder drive burns DVDs at twice the speed of competitors’ drives. It writes at 8X speed to DVD+R, rewrites at 4X speed to DVD+RW and plays DVD video at 12X speed. The drive is capable of recording to CD-R media at 32X speeds, rewriting to CD-RW media at 16X speed, combined with a higher read speed for CDs at 40X speed maximum.

“TEAC’s DVD-Recorder drives are recognized as industry’s highest-performance and most reliable DVD-Drives,” says Les Luzar, Division Manager, TEAC America, Inc. “TEAC’s new 8X DV-W58E DVD-Recorder drive makes it easy for consumers to produce their DVD movies at higher speeds, convert their old DVD and store digital photos and audio files at twice the speeds of the 4X DVD-Recorder drives.”

The DV-W58E drive utilizes an IDE/ATAPI interface for easy integration and upgrades. It supports a variety of DVD recording applications. The DVW58E/KIT kit comes complete with the installation hardware, recording and video editing software, DVD video player software, full backup software and is ready for quick and easy installation on Windows systems.

TEAC DV-W58E DVD-Recorder drive will be available from December 30th through TEAC America’s Distribution partners, and online at www.Shopteac.com.

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