Media 100 Announces Support for G5, Mac OS X 10.3

Reprinted from a Media 100 press release:

Media 100 Inc. (NASDAQ: MDEA), a leading developer of advanced media systems, today announced Media 100 i Version 8.2.1 software featuring support for the new Power Mac G5 platform from Apple, as well as the new Panther release of Mac OS X, also known as Mac OS X version 10.3. Media 100 systems with the new Media 100 i Version 8.2.1 software are planned to begin shipping in November.

Recently Media 100 began shipments of the OS X-native Media 100 i Version 8.2 software, expanding the Media 100 i toolsets for editing, effects design, audio design, and media management. In addition, Version 8.2 gives Media 100 i editors tighter integration with 844/X, the Company’s award-winning, real-time, online vertical editing system.

“The Apple Power Mac G5 systems represent a leap ahead in performance for our editors,” said Mike Savello, vice president of dual stream systems at Media 100. “We are pleased that again Media 100 i will be among the first, if not the first, to adopt and exploit Apple’s latest CPU and OS advances.”

The Version 8.2.1 software release is expected to be available by the end of November 2003. All current customers that own Version 8.2 software will be able to download Version 8.2.1 from the Media 100 web site for free.

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