Canopus Announces December Availability of ADVC300

Reprinted from a Canopus press release:

Canopus Corporation today announced ADVC300, a high-quality, bidirectional analog/DV converter for Mac OS and Windows-based computers that features component video output and advanced image enhancement technology, such as digital noise reduction and image stabilization, to instantly clean, stabilize and preserve old VHS and Hi8 videos in pristine DV format.

What makes the ADVC300 stand apart is its ability to filter and stabilize analog source video prior to DV conversion to enhance image quality. ADVC300’s powerful pre-filtering features include advanced 3D Y/C separation to reduce color noise and improve image quality, 3D digital noise reduction to eliminate noise in the analog video signal, a line time base corrector (LTBC) to correct any video images that jitter, as well as frame synchronization and auto gain control. ADVC300 also features color bar reference signal output and advanced analog input control software for adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and sharpness.

ADVC300 can be used with a DV-enabled video editing system or as a stand-alone converter that lets users transfer analog video directly to a DV deck without using a computer. ADVC300 supports leading video editing applications for both Windows and Mac OS, including Canopus EDIUS, Final Cut Pro, Avid Xpress DV and Adobe Premiere Pro. Component video output allows viewing of content on a component device, such as a broadcast monitor.

At the heart of the ADVC300 is the acclaimed Canopus DV codec, which provides the highest-quality image output possible. To ensure perfect audio and video synchronization, ADVC300 also includes an advanced locked-audio feature.

Pricing and Availability
ADVC300 will be available in December 2003 through Canopus and its authorized dealers for a suggested retail price of $549.

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