YesVideo Services Now Available at Walgreens

Reprinted from a YesVideo press release:

YesVideo, Inc., the market leaders in video-to-YesDVD conversion, announced today that its new services for film, slides and prints direct to YesDVD is now available at Walgreens stores nationwide. These new services will provide consumers an easy and fast way to convert their home movies from 8mm, Super 8, 16mm film, 35mm slides and prints of any common size to a YesDVD.

YesVideo has developed proprietary technology that best captures movie film, video, slides or prints and digitally transfers these images to DVD. YesDVD automatically creates thumbnail images from scenes, and places them on the DVD’s main menu and DVD case for easy searching and viewing. A YesDVD also includes music videos made from the best clips from your video, film, 35mm slides or prints. The result is a professionally edited DVD that is fun to view with friends and family.

“Millions of consumers have old family memories stored on movie film, 35mm slides or prints that are deteriorating and are unable to be watched and shared. With YesVideo’s new services, they can convert their film, slides and prints to a YesDVD and enjoy watching them in their living room on a DVD player,” said Greg Ayres, chief operating officer at YesVideo, Inc. “We are excited that Walgreens has acknowledged the demand from consumers for this service and will offer it throughout their 4,200 retail stores nationwide.”

“The new services offered by YesVideo will provide our customers with another means of preserving their memories to last a lifetime,” said Dean Jarrett, divisional merchandise manager at Walgreens. “We chose to partner with the leaders in DVD conversion services, YesVideo, in order to offer our customers the best quality service.”

Recent studies have shown that DVD media will last up to 300 years. By converting film, video, slides and prints to a YesDVD, consumers can preserve precious memories from deterioration and disintegration and share their memories with friends and family for generations to come.

The suggested retail price for the YesDVD conversion service for 250 feet of movie film or 80 slides or prints is $49.99.

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