Pinnacle Announces InstantCD/DVD, Instant VideoAlbum

Reprinted from a Pinnacle press release:

Pinnacle Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:PCLE) today announced the availability of three new products in its Instant product family which are designed to help consumers easily customize and burn their video, photo, and audio discs to enjoy on their CD or DVD player. Pinnacle Instant PhotoAlbum and Pinnacle Instant VideoAlbum let digital camera and camcorder users burn their digital images or video on a disc, along with editing capabilities. Pinnacle InstantCD/DVD version 8 is a suite of software applications that gives users everything they need to duplicate DVDs and CDs, create MP3 and audio CDs, author photo and video discs, and backup, restore and manage their data.

“Gone are the days where people have to crowd around a computer to share memories from a family wedding, a baby’s first steps, or last summer’s European vacation,” said Bill Loesch, vice president, product management and engineering for the Business and Consumer Division at Pinnacle Systems. “Our Instant product family lets consumers experiment with their creativity while preserving their life’s memories in a format that will outlive their VHS tapes and will not bog down their hard drive.”

Improve and Preserve Photos
Pinnacle Instant PhotoAlbum gives digital camera owners a simple solution to get their digital photos off the computer and on to a disc that can be enjoyed forever. Through a new graphically-friendly photo-album style interface, images can be organized, enhanced, and brought to life in an interactive CD or DVD-based slideshow that includes navigation menus, music, and transitions.

Instant PhotoAlbum includes a built-in photo editor with standard editing tools and one-button color correction and red-eye removal capabilities, making every photo “a keeper.” Users can also add effects, apply filters, add text, or even paint on photos before burning to disc. When adding DVD menu titles, users can select one of the dozens of pre-made DVD menu templates or design new ones with a custom menu creator. And Instant PhotoAlbum also includes a unique “beat detection” feature which aligns image transitions to change with the beat and feel of the music being played, creating more natural image transitions in the slideshow.

Video in a Format Everyone Can Enjoy
Pinnacle Instant VideoAlbum is an entry-level solution for camcorder owners who want to burn their footage to a disc that can be played in nearly any DVD player. The application lets users capture video from a DV camcorder and follow easy steps to improve it. Life’s memories can be salvaged and restored with new features to brighten old video that has been weathered over time.

Instant VideoAlbum also gives users easy-to-use creative tools to add photo slideshows and DVD menus to their disc. Photo slideshows with music and transitions help set the mood and bring old memories to life. And before burning to video CD (VCD), super-video CD (SVCD), or DVD, video can be segmented by DVD chapters for instant access to different parts of the footage. Instant VideoAlbum can burn CDs that play in most DVD players so a DVD burner is not required.

With Instant PhotoAlbum and Instant VideoAlbum, users do not need to design their titles and labels from scratch. Both products include the ability to automatically create disc labels based on the contents and menu of the DVD.

InstantCD/DVD version 8
The latest release of Pinnacle InstantCD/DVD is a suite of software applications to duplicate non-encrypted DVDs and CDs, create MP3 and audio CDs, author photo and video discs, as well as back up, restore, and manage data. The new version includes a significantly enhanced interface which makes the product more intuitive for the novice user and puts more power into the hands of the experts. Additional new features also include a new drag and burn desktop icon for quick and easy burning; InstantAudio to organize music files, rip and burn MP3 or WMA files into audio or MP3 CDs; InstantCinema for VCD and SVCD playback; and the latest version of InstantCopy version 8.

Like the other Pinnacle Instant family products, InstantCD/DVD gives users the power to capture video from their camcorders and burn DVDs that can be enjoyed on virtually any DVD player. It also includes the ability to create photo slideshows with music and transitions, helping consumers move their digital picture files off the hard drive and on to a disc that can be enjoyed again and again.

Pricing and Availability
All three Pinnacle Instant products support Microsoft Window XP, Windows 2000, Windows Me, and Windows 98 SE. Pinnacle Instant PhotoAlbum and Instant VideoAlbum are available for a suggested retail price of $29.99 and $39.99, respectively. InstantCD/DVD version 8 is available for a suggested retail price of $79.99. Upgrade pricing is also available for existing InstantCD/DVD, InstantCopy, and Pinnacle Expression customers. For upgrade information, visit All Pinnacle Instant products are available through leading retailers and the Pinnacle estore at

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