Reprinted from a In-Sync press release:

In-sync releases Speed Razor 5.51 editing software for the Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP platforms. Speed Razor 5.51 is designed to work with Pinnacle Targa 3000, Matrox Digisuite, Matrox Digisuite LE, Matrox Digisuite LX, Matrox Digisuite DTV, Newtek Video Toaster, as well as legacy hardware platforms like DPS Perception and Fast DV Master.

Speed Razor 5.51 includes the following enhancements over Speed Razor 5.5:

  • Support for TARGA 3000 1.51 drivers
  • Support for TARGA 3000 1.5 drivers
  • Support for VT[3] (Video Toaster)
  • Ability to Print a project to DV tape on DigiSuite LX, DigiSuite DTV, TARGA 3000 systems
  • Improved detection of DV devices
  • Fast forward and rewind can now operate at the maximum speed of the deck in Batch capture and Print to tape
  • Enhanced option for MPEG exporting. You now have the ability to set the size of the GOP when exporting MPEG files which gives you control of the speed of compressing and quality of MPEG files
  • Added the ability to offset audio and video playback on systems that support Direct Sound
  • Enhanced the video export on DigiSuite systems so that you can now export files that are smaller or larger than normal (NTSC / PAL resolution) sizes without having to render down to a single DigiSuite file first.

    Speed Razor 5.51 also includes a maintenance pack of corrected issues from version SR5.5.


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    Speed Razor 5.51 brings exceptional MPEG capabilities which result in a much higher quality MPEG than what is ordinarily delivered in editing applications with features like customizable frame rate, 20 pass variable bit rate encodes, manual VBR, Constant Quality, Real-Time constant Bit rate, and Real-Time CQ encoding and much more.

    In-sync has rewritten the EDL import and export module to include a new in-sync EDL importer / exporter as well as support for importing and exporting AVID EDLs. In addition Batch capture now auto generates an in-sync EDL to ensure that your project is always safeguarded.

    Other features include faster saving projects, Audio True Scrub, precise VU Meters, support for Type 1 and Type 2 Audio for DV, and an updated Druid system diagnostic utility. Speed Razor 5.51 projects are fully compatible with Speed Razor HD 2.0 and Blade 2.1, which provide for cross platform support so production companies can supply shows in any format for their customers.

    Pricing and Availability

  • Speed Razor 5.5 is $1999 US MSRP
  • Upgrades from Speed Razor 2000X will be $99 USMSRP
  • Upgrades from Speed Razor 2000 will be $399 USMSRP
  • Upgrades from Speed Razor version 4 series will be $499 USMSRP

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