Reprinted from a Verbatim press release:

Well-known throughout the storage industry for the innovation that enhances its CD and DVD product lines, Verbatim Corporation announced today a revolutionary new DVD/CD Label Kit and a selection of Label Refill Packs. Unique to the Label Kit is Verbatim’s proprietary Touch-Less Application System, which enables users to neatly and securely label their CDs and DVDs without touching the label adhesive. In addition to the Touch-Less system, the kit includes a total of 105 labels for a variety of different media formats and cases, Label Design Software, and more than 1,500 background images and clipart images that make creating and printing personalized disc labels fast and easy.

“Until now, labeling systems have had relatively minor improvements to ensure that labels are quickly, easily and effectively applied to media and cases,” explained Ron Hanafin, Verbatim CD Product Marketing Manager. “Based on the wishes of consumers, Verbatim’s new and revolutionary Touch-Less labeling application system was developed to overcome typical inconveniences which are a direct result of having to peel off and handle the label adhesive. Verbatim’s new system overcomes these shortcomings, thereby preventing labels from sticking to end users hands while also avoiding label curling and surface wrinkles when applying the label to a disc.”

A key component in the kit’s system is Verbatim’s exact-fit, multi-purpose applicator. Designed to ensure that the label is centered every time, consumers can quickly customize a variety of different media formats and cases with professional-looking labels in just minutes. Formats supported include: DVDs and CDs, Digital Vinyl CD-Rs, and 8cm Pocket CD-Rs as well as the spines of slim cases and jewel cases.

“Verbatim Digital Vinyl CD-Rs have been a big hit because they look and feel just like the old 45 rpm records,” said Hanafin. “People use the retro-looking CD-Rs to put some fun in recording and sharing personal music mixes, photo albums and home videos; or to convert old, analog LP records. With the kit’s applicator support and Premium Matte White labels, Verbatim Digital Vinyl CD-R customers will be able to create their own label designs and the discs will have an even greater impact.”

The Label Kit provides everything consumers and businesses need to immediately begin organizing and personalizing their CDs and DVDs, including a total of 105 labels and Label Design Software that offers more than 1,500 background images and clipart files to speed-up the design process. The easy-to-use software also gives users the flexibility to unleash their creativity with advanced features such as the Playlist Manager, which allows them to create playlist databases of their favorite albums and audio tracks; and Track Listing, which enables them to import song titles and the artist’s name from a CD Audio disc directly to their label design. DVD Video templates are also included to help users customize their DVD media using pre-designed templates for video labeling.

The Premium Matte White DVD/CD disc labels that are included in Verbatim’s new Label Kit are full-face format labels that cover the entire surface of the disc. Verbatim full-face labels provide 10 percent additional design space, compared to standard-face labels. The Verbatim Label Kit also includes a selection of Digital Vinyl CD-R labels, Spine labels and DVD/CD Inserts.

In addition to the labels supplied with the DVD/CD Labeling System, Verbatim will offer two label refill packs-a 100-pack of DVD/CD full-face labels and a 40-pack of Digital Vinyl CD-R labels.

Pricing, Availability
Available through authorized resellers and the Verbatim web site, the Verbatim DVD/CD Label Kit has an expected shelf price of $19.99. The expected shelf price for the Verbatim Label Refill Packs are $19.99 for the 100-pack of DVD/CD full-face labels and $9.99 for the 40-pack of Digital Vinyl CD-R labels.

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