DivXNetworks Releases DivX 5.1 Codec

Reprinted from a DivX press release:

DivXNetworks, Inc. today announced the release of DivX 5.1, the newest version of the revolutionary, patent-pending DivX video compression technology. Available for download at www.divx.com/divx, DivX 5.1 offers the fastest performance and highest visual quality of any video compression technology on the market.

DivX 5.1 offers a number of new features and enhancements including:

  • 10-30% Faster Decoder — Faster decoding of high-quality video on all platforms.
  • Improved Rate Control — Enhanced rate control feature offers the highest level of precision, accuracy, flexibility, and prediction speed for encoding high-quality video.
  • Improved GUI and New Feedback Mode — DivX Feedback mode allows users to view each encoding feature at work in a simple visual display and easily modify individual settings during encode.
  • New High-Quality Estimation Modes — Improves overall visual quality through a new rate distortion algorithm.
  • Improved B-Frames — Allows for greater encoding precision through enhanced motion estimation.
  • New and Improved Psychovisual Modeling — The proprietary Psychovisual Modeling feature introduced with DivX 5.0 has been refined with new two new algorithms written from scratch for greater efficiency.
  • New DivX Player — A new version of the DivX Player offers the ability to view high-quality DivX Video-on-Demand content from DivX content partners.

    “The improvements in visual quality and encoding and decoding performance we’ve made with DivX 5.1 combined with new features like DivX Feedback mode make this one of the most significant releases in DivX history,” said Jerome Rota, co-founder of DivXNetworks and the creator of DivX technology. “Our team has been working hard to consistently find new ways to improve and enhance the codec, and we believe the work they’ve done will please even the most hard-core videophiles who demand nothing but the best from DivX video.”

    DivX 5.1 is available to consumers in two versions. DivX Pro 5.1, the professional version of the codec, is available for a small one-time charge or through a free ad-supported version. An updated standard version of the codec is also offered for download free of charge. To download DivX 5.1 or DivX Pro 5.1 today, visit www.divx.com/divx.

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