Reprinted from a Canopus press release:

Canopus Corporation today announced Let’s EDIT video editing software and the Let’s EDIT RT+ realtime editing solution. Let’s EDIT RT+ is the first realtime video editing solution for video enthusiasts to offer high-end realtime features, including DV and analog input and output, movie-style effects, 2D and 3D transitions, as well as video, titles and graphics layers. Although Let’s EDIT supports any OHCI video capture card, the Let’s EDIT RT+ realtime editing solution pairs Let’s EDIT software with the only OHCI video capture card on the market that provides realtime analog and DV input and output to deliver the ultimate realtime home editing and DVD creation package.

“Our new Let’s EDIT RT+ is a price/performance breakthrough for video enthusiasts who want powerful realtime editing and exciting special effects,” said Hiro Yamada, CEO of Canopus Corporation. “Video enthusiasts now have the realtime power and features to give home movies a professional look using an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, making Let’s EDIT RT+ the only true realtime video editing, effects and DVD creation package for video enthusiasts.”

Let’s EDIT Software
The Let’s EDIT software’s realtime video editing and effects capabilities are powerful and easy to use and feature exciting movie-style effects using stackable video filters, such as Old Movie, Blur, Pencil Sketch and color correction; 2D and 3D transitions, such as 3D Dissolve, Cube Spin and Page Peels; and customizable effects, such as Chroma Key, Picture-in-Picture and speed control. Let’s EDIT also offers two video tracks for realtime mixing and playback of up to three video clips at the same time, as well as simultaneous title and graphics tracks with motion and opacity controls.

Let’s EDIT software features Canopus’s proprietary Media Technologies to provide the highest-quality DV and MPEG video output. User-definable presets make creating the MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 files required for DVDs, SVCDs and VCDs quick and easy. Let’s EDIT also includes Ulead DVD MovieFactory SE for easy authoring of fully interactive, professional-looking DVDs.

Let’s EDIT RT+ Software and Hardware
Let’s EDIT RT+ combines Let’s EDIT software with an OHCI capture card for easy capturing of video from either analog or DV camcorders, as well as realtime analog and DV output. Let’s EDIT RT+ features Canopus’s proprietary DV codec chip to provide the industry’s highest-quality, analog-to-DV conversion with locked audio support for perfect audio and video synchronization. Let’s EDIT RT+ is also compatible with all popular video formats, including VHS, S-VHS, Hi8, DV, Digital8 and DVCAM. The card’s native OHCI design provides compatibility not only with the Let’s EDIT software, but also with leading Windows consumer and professional editing and DVD authoring applications, including Sonic Foundry Vegas, Avid Xpress DV, Adobe Premiere, Pinnacle Edition and Ulead MediaStudio Pro. Let’s EDIT RT+’s broad video equipment compatibility and editing software support ensures a longer product life.

Pricing and Availability
Let’s EDIT and Let’s EDIT RT+ support Microsoft Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP and will be available in October 2003 from Canopus and its authorized dealers and system integrators. The suggested retail price of Let’s EDIT software is $149 (requires OHCI capture card). Let’s EDIT RT+ (software and capture card package) is available for a suggested retail price of $399.

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