Avid Ships Xpress Pro and Mojo

Reprinted from an Avid press release:

Avid Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVID) today announced that Avid Xpress Pro software and the Avid Mojo Digital Nonlinear Accelerator (Avid DNA) are now available worldwide. Customers can purchase both award-winning products through Avid’s global reseller channel, the Avid store (www.avidstore.com ), or other Avid international Web sites.

“Avid Xpress Pro with Avid Mojo was a hit when it debuted at NAB, and the momentum has been building ever since,” said Steve Chazin, senior manager of product marketing for Avid. “Working on both Mac- and Windows-based systems, video professionals now can use the latest, industry-standard product from Avid that sets a new price-performance benchmark for software-based nonlinear editing tools.”

Howard Smith, a feature film editor whose credits include Point Break and the upcoming Warner Brothers release Torque, commented, “I used Avid Xpress Pro to cut a full-length documentary, and I was amazed at the software’s real-time performance and stability. Avid has really taken a quantum leap forward – giving users access to an affordable editing product that will outperform other products in its price range.” Smith added, “With Avid Mojo, the performance is even more impressive. I can hook up a client monitor in perfect sync with the desktop, which gives me the accuracy I need to do precision fine-tuning and advanced color correction. I can also output full resolution video in real-time to tape. Competitive software doesn’t even come close to delivering the same kind of professional results.”

As standalone software, Avid Xpress Pro offers award-winning Film Composer technology, which includes 24p film editing capabilities and support for the Panasonic AG-DVX100 24p camera, as well as support for various offline formats, including 15:1s, 35:1p, 28:1p, and 14:1p. The software also offers automatic expert color correction and advanced 2D and 3D OpenGL technology-based effects. When paired with the portable Avid Mojo accelerator, Avid Xpress Pro software benefits from the industry’s only hybrid architecture designed to leverage the power of both host-based CPU processing and hardware-based acceleration. Together, Avid Xpress Pro software and the Avid Mojo accelerator deliver professional video, film, and audio editing capabilities, including true real-time digital and analog output. Both products are qualified to run on a wide range of Windows-based CPUs as well as on the Power Mac G5.

“No other solution in its class delivers as much breakthrough technology – including automatic color correction, which can correct an entire sequence with a single click, eliminating what has traditionally been a tedious, time-consuming process. And when you add Avid Mojo, you get unprecedented real-time performance and the ability to mix uncompressed graphics and titles over DV25 media,” said Chazin.

Availability and Pricing
The Avid Xpress Pro and Avid Mojo products are now available through Avid’s worldwide reseller channel. Pricing for the Avid Xpress Pro software is $1,695 USMSRP, with Windows XP and Macintosh OS X versions included in one box. Pricing for Avid Mojo, which is sold separately, is $1,695 USMSRP.

More information about Avid Xpress Pro software and the Avid Mojo accelerator can be found at www.avid.com.

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