ACD Systems Releases ACDSee 6.0

Reprinted from a ACD Systems press release:

ACD Systems International Inc. (TSE:ASA), the digital imaging company and makers of ACDSee and Canvas, today released ACDSee 6.0, the newest version of its flagship digital imaging software program for consumer and corporate markets. ACDSee is known for its speed, ease-of-use and powerful image management capabilities including features for viewing, organizing, searching, printing and sharing digital image collections of any size. New features in ACDSee 6.0 include the ability to rate images, burn photos to CD/DVDs and quickly view and locate photos from different folders and categories with the Easy Select and Selective Browsing features.

ACDSee 6.0 solves the problem facing the escalating digital imaging market by offering an easy solution for managing large volumes of images. The new Easy Select feature allows users to select multiple folders and categories to get a combined view of all images that are contained in them. The robust Selective Browsing feature, unique to ACDSee 6.0, takes the frustration and time out of looking for images by combing the search results from different folders and categories simultaneously and then displaying all the images in one window.

After easily finding their images, users can place their selection in an Image Basket where they are temporarily ready for editing, creating an HTML album ready to share on the web or email to friends and family. ACDSee 6.0 also boasts a new Image Rating system, in which photos can be assigned a numerical rating. Image Rating assists users in sorting and searching their images and helps them to distinguish the quality of their photos.

Some of the additional new features of ACDSee 6.0 include:

  • CD and DVD Burning: write images and media to CD/DVDs
  • Edit Panel: an integrated photo editor with a comprehensive set of editing tools that surpasses many other digital imaging programs
  • Magnifying Glass View: examine the detail in photos or check for imperfections by moving the mouse pointer over a particular section of the photo
  • Master Keyword List: assign keywords to files using a master keyword list
  • Slideshows: create HTML slideshows to share on the web or on CD/DVD and standalone slide shows to view on a computer
  • Screensavers: add Hollywood-style transitions to photo shows
  • Seamless Three Step Acquire Wizard: automatically finds pictures for importing from cameras, scanners, CDs and other devices
  • Pan Lock: compare detail in a series of photos by flipping between photos automatically zoomed to the same picture area
  • Improved User Interface: makes it easier to find and select program features and allows users to float and dock window panes for workflow customization
  • More Sorting/Searching Options: sort and search photos by any file related data
  • Database Back Up and Restoration: allows for quick incremental backups and full database backups and restorations
  • Database Conversion: converts older versions of ACDSee databases to the ACDSee 6.0 database
  • Media Management: rotate video clips or edit scenes from the beginning or end of a video clip without using video editing software
  • EXIF 2.2 Print: view and use EXIF 2.2 Print (Exchangeable Image File Format) to get better prints from home printers

    “The goal of all our ACDSee programs has always been to provide consumers and corporate users access to a powerful, easy-to-use program that meets all their digital imaging needs,” says Mike Zelen, president and chief executive officer of ACD Systems. “By introducing ACDSee 6.0, our goal has been extended to include reshaping the marketplace by now offering the most technologically advanced, feature rich and still easy-to-use digital imaging program that exceeds users’ expectations.”

    Price and Availability
    ACDSee 6.0 in English is available for $49.99 (USD) for the full version, or $39.99 (USD) for the upgrade from ACDSee 5.0. Volume licensing for ACDSee 6.0 is available and special pricing is offered for five and ten user licenses. For more information visit our website at

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