Total Training Releases Total Training for Adobe Premiere Pro

Reprinted from a Total Training press release:

Total Training, a recognized leader in the production and distribution of video-based training for some of the industry’s most popular software programs, today announced its newest title: Total Training for Adobe Premiere Pro. The instructional DVDs will enable video professionals to take advantage of the new features and enhanced real time functionality of Adobe Premiere Pro, shipping this week.

“Premiere Pro re-shapes and re-establishes a new, highly-advanced way to edit video in real time,” said Jacob Rosenberg, Los Angeles-based filmmaker and music video director, as well as the presenter for the training series. “The software offers a significant upgrade to the previous version, with enhancements to every component. Premiere Pro promises the most attractive video-editing environment available, delivering the ability to edit with amazing speed. This type of positive and dramatic change requires that people are educated about what’s different to get the most out of the software.”

Built for the exceptional performance of Microsoft Windows XP systems, Adobe Premiere Pro gives video professionals precise control over virtually every aspect of production and also includes: sophisticated color correction, powerful new audio controls and multiple, nested timelines. A component of the recently announced Adobe Video Collection, Premiere Pro is tightly integrated with other Adobe products such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Encore DVD, and Adobe Audition, for which Total Training also offers video instruction.

“With Premiere Pro being completely re-designed, many users will want to quickly get acquainted with the product’s more advanced and powerful video editing features,” said Kristan Chan, senior product marketing manager for Adobe Premiere. “Total Training is one of the best ways to gain that understanding, with expert instructors guiding viewers through the interface and providing hands-on, in-depth instruction.”

Total Training for Adobe Premiere Pro is the first third party training material available for this highly anticipated Adobe product. As a testament to the value of Total Training’s products, Adobe commissioned the company to produce an Adobe Premiere Pro “Video Workshop” disk, which is included in the Premiere Pro box without charge, to give new buyers a head start with its relatively brief, but instructive training. The CD contains two and a half hours of video content, largely covering Adobe Premiere Pro and how it works with Adobe’s other digital video software products. The full Total Training for Adobe Premiere Pro series, offered separately though Total Training, provides more in-depth instruction to further help users get the most out of all the powerful new software features.

The series offers three content-rich sets of video training (a total of six disks), including: A Tour of Adobe Premiere Pro; Beyond the Basics, and Premiere Pro in the Real World (with footage from Rosenberg’s films for users to work with in tandem with the training).

Total Training for Adobe Premiere Pro can be purchased for $249 through resellers, online at , or by calling 1-888-368-6825.

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