Magix Announces Movie Edit Pro 2004

Reprinted from a MAGIX press release:

MAGIX, the worldwide leader in video editing software1, today announced MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2004 home video editing software that combines top-quality professional features with drag and drop ease-of-use for consumers. Movie Edit Pro lets everyone create sleek video masterpieces of once-in-a-lifetime special events, vacations, birthday parties, school plays, and anniversaries. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro2004 provides 1,400 special effects and templates, personalized soundtrack creation, multi-track editing, and the ability to burn their movies onto DVDs and CDs.

Developed with the first-time user in mind, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2004 offers easy to use drag and drop functionality with premium features previously found only in professional video editors-such as batch capturing digital video, automatic scene detection; simplified storyboard, multi-scene overview, in-depth 16-track stereo timeline edit modes; and real-time video and transition effects. Image restoration, motion stabilizing, compositing, and a variety of preset effects and transitions may be applied and immediately viewed onscreen or removed without affecting the original file.

Consumers can record content using the programmable timer, make precise cuts, select from a wide variety of transition effects and even create a custom soundtrack. The special effect templates and inventive 3D transitions give professional polish to home movies. In addition to split screen and virtual camera panning effects, users can get more creative with the Hollywood-style “blue screen” effect that creates a composite movie from two separate movies. Movie soundtracks can be editing and enhanced with voiceovers, songs and audio effects that add atmosphere to any scene. The title editor creates rolling credits to finish any home movie project with style.

“Movie Edit Pro’s DVD authoring and movie and sound editing, combined with excellent quality and ease-of-use at such a favorable price puts MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2004 in a class of its own,” said Juergen Jaron, CEO of MAGIX Corporation. “Finally anyone can produce truly beautiful professional-quality home movies the first day they bring the software home.”

The integrated CD and DVD authoring utility in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2004 creates multimedia disc selection menus with intro movies and custom backgrounds that can be played on a home DVD player. Video CD, Super-Video CD, DVD and mini-DVD disc formats are all burned with ease. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2004 also burns re-editable project backups and autoplay CD-ROMs, simplifying project archiving and sharing. The disc-spanning feature enables longer projects to be burned across several discs.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2004 imports and exports a variety of formats, including DV-AVI (Type 1 and 2), MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 compressed video and streaming formats including Windows Media 9. It supports MPEG-4 and DivX if codecs have been installed.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2004 for Windows will be available in early September for $99.99 and includes a special rebate offer for users of competitive products. Visit or call 888-866-2449 for more information.

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