Reprinted from a Pinnacle press release:

Pinnacle Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:PCLE) today announced the Power of Five, a competitive upgrade program designed to migrate its DV500 and Pro-ONE video-editing customers to Pinnacle Edition version 5, the company’s new video editing and DVD authoring software for advanced hobbyists and professional users. For no charge, Pinnacle DV500 and Pro-ONE family customers can evaluate a 55-day trial version of Pinnacle’s award-winning Edition software. At any time during the trial period, customers can purchase the full upgrade version of the software for only $55.00. Today’s announcement comes as a result of Pinnacle’s decision not to support hardware drivers for future versions of the Adobe Premiere product line.

“Pinnacle Edition is based on a software-only architecture which allows us to offer amazing performance and functionality without the need for hardware acceleration. Because of this, we believe that it’s no longer appropriate to support integration of our video accelerator boards such as DV500 and Pro-ONE with Premiere Products,” said Bill Loesch, senior vice president of engineering and product marketing at Pinnacle Systems. “Pinnacle will continue to fully support existing customers with current versions of Premiere (up to 6.5) and has decided not to support hardware drivers for future versions.”

Loesch continued, “Through its technical innovations, we firmly believe that Edition is a superior choice for our DV500 and Pro-ONE customer base. This upgrade program supports our commitment to our customers to deliver the highest possible quality and functionality in a video editing solution.”

Unlike competitive video editing solutions, Edition uses both the CPU and GPU to process digital video effects. This gives users the power, for example, to display up to five streams of full-resolution video each with independent 2D and 3D effects such as DVE, page curl, ripple, etc. — something which requires significant rendering time with competitive products. Also unique to Edition version 5 integrated DVD authoring, built directly into the timeline. Users do not need to purchase a separate application for DVD authoring.

“As a television producer, I need to move fast. I need an editing system that works as fast as I do”, said Michael Billingsly, television producer and founder of Videographic West. “I tried using Premiere in the past, but it seemed like I was spending more time waiting for renders than editing. With Pinnacle Edition I don’t wait — I edit. I’m able to move from my raw footage to my final product, quickly, cleanly and with pretty amazing results.”

Pricing and Availability
Registered Pinnacle DV500 and Pro-ONE customers can obtain their 55-day Edition trial CD and the Discover Edition training CD at no charge by visiting, or by calling 1-800-4PINNACLE. Upgrade options for all other Pinnacle Systems registered customers can be found at

The Pinnacle Edition product family supports Windows 2000 and Windows XP Home and Professional. It is available in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Chinese (simplified) and Korean languages through select resellers throughout North America, Asia and Europe. In the U.S., Pinnacle Edition and Pinnacle Edition PRO are available at a suggested retail price of U.S. $699 and U.S. $999, respectively.

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