Reprinted from an Adobe press release:

Adobe Systems Incorporated, today announced Adobe Audition software, a complete multi-track recording studio for Windows-based PCs. Previously named Cool Edit Pro 2.1, this award-winning product was acquired from Syntrillium Software in May 2003 to address the demanding needs of audio and video professionals in studios, broadcast facilities and post-production houses. Delivering advanced audio mixing, editing, mastering and effects processing capabilities, Adobe Audition is a professional-level audio tool that allows users to edit individual audio files, create loops, import more than 45 DSP effects, and mix up to 128 tracks.

“The introduction of Adobe Audition into our Digital Video product family is an important step in providing a complete, high-performance workflow for video professionals,” said Bryan Lamkin, senior vice president of Digital Imaging and Video Products at Adobe. “Going forward, Adobe Audition will continue to provide the advanced editing capabilities professional audio editors and musicians expect, while delivering close integration with the entire Adobe digital video product line.”

Adobe Audition provides a fully-integrated audio editing and mixing solution for music, video, radio, and sound design professionals with integrated multitrack and edit views, real-time effects, looping support, analysis tools, restoration features, and video support. Users benefit from real-time audio effects that allow them to hear changes and track EQ instantaneously. Flexible looping tools and thousands of high-quality royalty-free music loops are included to assist in soundtrack and music creation.

The newest addition to Adobe’s cast of Digital Video products; Adobe Audition is available as a stand alone product or in the new Adobe Video Collection, also announced today. (See separate release for details).

The intuitive, customizable interface allows users to dock and resize windows to create an efficient audio workspace. An organizer window uses tabs to track open files, effects and favorites. Batch processing tools streamline everyday tasks, such as matching the overall loudness of multiple files or converting them to a standard file format.

Adobe Audition provides quality audio for video projects by allowing users to edit, mix and add effects to AVI soundtracks while watching movie playback. Providing extensive support for industry-standard audio file formats including WAV, AIFF, MP3, MP3PRO and WMA, Adobe Audition can also handle files with bit depths of up to 32-bit and sample rates in excess of 192 kHz. This enables export to tape, CD, DVD or DVD-audio, with the highest-quality sound.

Pricing and Availability
Adobe Audition for Windows 98, 2000 and XP is expected to ship in the U.S. and Canada by the end of August 2003. Adobe Audition will be available for an estimated street price of US$299. The product will be available through Adobe’s licensing and education programs. Registered users of previous versions of Cool Edit Pro can upgrade to Adobe Audition for an estimated street price of US$99. Since Adobe Audition is functionally equivalent to Cool Edit Pro 2.1, Adobe plans to offer a free upgrade from Cool Edit Pro 2.x to Adobe Audition.

Information about the availability of other language versions of Adobe Audition, as well as other details on pricing and support policies, is available online at For more information, customers in North America can call 1-888-724-4507.

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