Reprinted from a Gateway press release:

Gateway, Inc. (NYSE: GTW) today makes on-the-go entertainment and productivity easier and more fun with the Gateway M500 notebook. Families, students and audio/video enthusiasts will enjoy the new mobile PC’s latest multimedia features, such as a 15.2-inch wide-panel display, high-performance sound system with sub-woofer, and one-touch audio/video keys.

“The Gateway M500 has so many cool features that consumers will appreciate for both play and productivity,” said Mike Stinson, general manager, mobile products group, Gateway, Inc. “The wide panel display and sound system will definitely stir envy in even the most discerning mobile PC user.”

Where other multimedia notebooks scrimp, the Gateway M500 splurges. The impressive high-resolution WXGA 15.2-inch wide-panel display shows data in a letterbox format — great for viewing large word processing or spreadsheet files and even better for watching the latest movies on DVD. The crisp, bright look of movies and games on the wide-panel display is further enhanced by 32MB NVIDIA graphics.

The Gateway M500’s high fidelity sound system with built-in subwoofer delivers clear, clean sound; perfect for enjoying music. The system also boasts one-touch audio/video keys to that let consumers play CDs and MP3 audio without powering on the PC.

Students, consumers and audio/video enthusiasts will appreciate the Gateway M500’s many other features that make it easy to enjoy audio and video. CD and DVD media easily glide into the convenient “slot-load” CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive, like those used in car audio systems. The Gateway M500’s two IEEE 1394 FireWire ports and three USB 2.0 ports ensure that consumer electronics devices such as digital cameras and camcorders can be easily connected to the notebook. And, the secure digital flash memory reader is perfect for downloading photos.

The Gateway M500 notebook boasts the latest technology for an all-around great mobile computing experience, including a Mobile Intel Pentium 4 processor 2.2GHz, 512MB DDR RAM, 40GB hard drive, and Microsoft Windows XP Home. The Gateway M500’s connectivity options make surfing the Internet and checking email fast and easy. Integrated wireless 802.11b comes standard for connecting wirelessly at hotels, convention centers, college campuses and at home. The Gateway M500 also comes standard with integrated V.92 modem and 10/100 Ethernet.

The Gateway M500 will go on sale Monday, June 16 at a low price of $1,599. Gateway supports the Gateway M500 with a standard one-year limited warranty.

More information about Gateway’s products and services is available by calling 800-846-2106, visiting the company’s Web site at or stopping by one of the Gateway stores nationwide.