Reprinted from a Focus Enhancements press release:

FOCUS Enhancements Inc. (NASDAQ SC: FCSE), a worldwide leader in video production and conversion technology, today announced FS-3, its newest addition to the FireStore family. FireStore FS-3 is a portable DV disk recorder that mounts directly to professional DV camcorders, and it offers the same time-saving benefits as previous FireStore models by eliminating capturing in the video production process to provide instant access from non-linear editing (NLE) applications. The FireStore family can be seen at this year’s InfoComm Convention in Orlando, FL (Booth #4125, June 3rd-5th).

“FS-3 is designed to meet the growing needs of professional videographers seeking a portable disk recording solution that can significantly speed up non-linear editing workflow,” said Matt McEwen, product manager for FOCUS Enhancements.” The addition of the highly portable FS-3 to the FireStore family has enabled us to further extend our field applications, while offering the proven time-saving benefits of Direct To Edit Technology (DTE).”

The FireStore FS-3 weighs approximately two pounds and is configured for professional DV camcorders including Sony, Canon, Ikegami, Panasonic, and other camcorders that feature a DV video input/output port and either an Anton Bauer, V-Mount, or NP style battery system. Smaller camcorders are supported with off the shelf battery mount adapters. FireStore FS-3 includes electronic shock protection, a full-featured control panel, a backlit LCD, 4-pin XLR power input, 6-pin external FireWire drive connection and a 6-pin DV video input/output port, all of which provide easy integration with a videographer’s camera and accessories.

Like the other FireStore models, the FireStore FS-3 is based on FOCUS Enhancements’ DTE Technology — the only available solution that allows video, audio and timecode to be recorded directly in native file formats to removable FireWire disk drives. DTE supports NLE file formats such as DV-OMF for Avid Xpress DV, QuickTime for Apple Final Cut, AVI 2 for Adobe Premiere, Canopus AVI, Matrox AVI and more. Recording in native NLE file formats allows video professionals to eliminate the need to capture, transfer, or convert files before editing — saving an estimated 25+ hours each month.

Availability and Pricing
The FireStore FS-3 includes the 40GB FSHDD-1 FireWire disk drive and is expected to be available this summer through the worldwide FOCUS Enhancements dealer and distributor network. Additional removable FSHDD-1 FireWire disk drives will be available as accessories from Focus Enhancements and range in capacity from 40GB to 80GB. For more information on FOCUS Enhancements and its products, please visit

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