Pioneer Announces DVD-R/+R Drive

Reprinted from a Pioneer press release:

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., the leader in recordable DVD technology, today announced a new DVD/CD internal writer to be available in June of this year. Pioneer’s sixth generation recordable drive, the DVR-A06, will provide a better solution to consumers looking for worry-free DVD and CD recording.

Since several similar DVD recording formats are actively being promoted in the marketplace, confusion has become a growing problem for potential buyers. End users have been forced to sift through a bewildering array of drive and media types in order to find the best recordable DVD solution for their needs. In response, Pioneer’s new DVR-A06 DVD/CD writer solves the problem by supporting the DVD Forum’s DVD-R and DVD-RW disc formats as well as the +R and +RW formats.

“End users and retailers agree that there is too much confusion in the recordable DVD market. Customers tell us that they are initially excited to go out and buy a DVD writer for their computer. But when they get to the store they are confronted with a confusing wall of drives and blank media that are often differentiated by only one small punctuation mark,” said Andy Parsons, senior vice president of industrial video & mass storage sales and marketing at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “By eliminating this issue, we believe customers can confidently buy a product that will let them avoid the confusion and just enjoy all the fun of making their own DVDs and CDs.”

By offering reliable and versatile DVD recording functions for many years, Pioneer has earned the trust and appreciation of customers, making Pioneer the number one brand in aftermarket sales of recordable DVD drives, according to Santa Clara Consulting Group’s DVD Tracker for 2002 Q4.

The Pioneer DVR-A06 maintains the impressive high-speed recording functionality that is so popular in the DVR-A05 currently on the market. The DVR-A06 enables high-speed recording of up to 4x write speed with high-speed DVD-R discs, 2x with high-speed DVD-RW discs, 4x with high-speed +R media, and 2.4x with +RW media. It also records CD-R media at up to 16x speed and 10x with high-speed CD-RW discs.

Thanks to Pioneer’s new Precision Recording Technology, the DVR-A06 utilizes a new writing technique that enables recording under the best conditions at all times. Through this technology, Pioneer has improved initial writing performance and helped to keep the normal deterioration of recording media due to repeated writing to a minimum. As a result, the DVR-A06 ensures stable writing even on discs that are frequently rewritten and prevents writing errors due to variations in disc quality.

The DVR-A06 supports both vertical and horizontal installation, so it can be used with 1-bay, slim-type PCs for expansion and flexibility.

The DVR-A06 will be available in June at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $329.

Through a wide variety of bundled software, users can easily edit video content, produce DVD-Video and digital photo slide-show discs, and import audio/video material from discs recorded in video recorders that use the VR (Video Recording) format. A data recording application is provided, as well as a “drag and drop,” file-recording utility that operates similar to when using a floppy disk. A DVD-Video player application for watching movies and testing recorded DVDs also is included.

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