Reprinted from a Photoflex press release:

Travel Kits recently introduced by Germany’s Dedolight now feature the Photoflex Starlite 3200 tungsten lighting system and SilverDome softbox, it was announced today by Photoflex President Sharon Reeves.

Travel Kits are designed as lightweight, compact, and durable lighting kits for on-location video and film production. The two varieties of kits offer both the Dedolight DLHM4-300 as a hard light and Photoflex’s Starlite 3200 as a soft light.

One kit features two DLHM4-300 hard lights, a Starlite 3200, a small SilverDome, three stands, a stand extension, and a DSC-1 reinforced softcase. The other kit includes three DLHM4-300 hard lights, a Starlite 3200, medium SilverDome, four stands, a stand extension, and a DSC-2 reinforced softcase. The Starlites are available with either 500- or 1000-watt lamps.

The Starlite 3200 tungsten light is designed specifically for use with a softbox to provide soft, even, natural-looking light at a fraction of the cost of studio lights. It permits continuous lighting with an innovative housing design that allows air to flow through the unit and prevent overheating. It’s also suitable for heat-sensitive subjects that ordinarily wilt under traditional hot lights. Photoflex’s 500- and 1000-watt tungsten lamps (120-volt U.S., 220-volt export) produce even, brilliant lighting.

The SilverDome softbox bathes subjects in soft, diffused light while ensuring maximum output from any light source. When used with the Starlite 3200, the softbox kit creates soft highlights and even, natural lighting while eliminating hotspots. And Photoflex’s proprietary Brimstone fabric provides superior heat resistance and durability. The small SilverDome measures 16x22x13 inches (41x56x33 cm), while the Medium SilverDome measures 24x32x17 inches (61x81x43 cm).

Photoflex’s WhiteDome nxt softbox is also recommended by Dedolight as an accessory to the Travel Kits. The WhiteDome nxt’s translucent design produces soft, almost shadow-free lighting, with a bright, diffused light. Photoflex’s Brimstone fabric makes the WhiteDome durable and heat resistant.

Dedolight also introduced the Dedopar, an HMI light designed to work well with softboxes. The company recommends Photoflex’s SilverDome and WhiteDome softboxes for use with this PAR light head and its 400-watt HMI lamp and DEB400D ballast. Push buttons on the light head enable it to start from the light head or the ballast.

For U.S. pricing information on the Travel Kits and Dedopar, contact Dedotec USA Inc. (

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