Lite-On To Release Multifunction DVD Players

Reprinted from a Lite-On press release:

As the technology innovator in Optical Disc Drive solutions, Lite-On IT USA is pleased to announce availability of a new lineup of Consumer Electronics appliances that deliver “DVD capabilities and So Much More” in a set-top box for easy integration into existing home theater systems. The first out models, LVD-2001 and LVR-1001, allow consumers to take full advantage of their growing digital libraries including digital still photographs, and MP3 tracks.

Each model incorporates unique capabilities which are especially effective when viewing personal content from a myriad of sources including Compact flash, Smart Media, Memory Stick, SD Card and Multi Media Card (via the PCMCIA slot).

Fueling innovation in an emerging category, the LVR-1001 is a two drive appliance that provides DVD playback support from one drive and the ability to transfer personal content to the CD-ReWritable drive. At the touch of a single button, users can record from the Memory Card, a Camcorder or even a VHS player for archiving cherished memories to digital format. For sharing those treasured memories with family and
friends, high speed duplication is accomplished at the touch of another button. Audio enthusiasts will
appreciate the Dolby Surround sound quality found in the LVR-1001.

The single drive LVD-2001 is a DVD playback unit and possesses the additional capabilities of viewing digital still pictures or listening to MP3 music from different Memory Card formats. The LVD-2001 also supports the DivX 4.xx and 5.xx Codecs to playback Streaming Video (MPEG-4) downloads from the Internet. Viewers can enjoy the outstanding picture quality of their JPEGs and DVD-Video with Progressive Scan output featured in the LVD-2001. Videophiles of all skill levels will value the brilliant images displayed by the Progressive Scan technology found in the LVD-2001.

PCMCIA carriers supporting Compact Flash and 4-in-1 Combo adapters are included with each of the new

An intuitive, easy-to-use graphical user interface that allows for simple, yet powerful interoperability is found on each model. The Jog dial on the remote control provides directional navigation through the System and Setup menus.

With such new models offering expanding audio and video functionality at a better value, Lite-On is providing technology that allows consumers to take their home entertainment systems to the next level. Widely accepted in other parts of the world, the LVR-1001 and the LVD-2001 will be available from select US retailers in the June timeframe.

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