InterVideo Releases WinDVD Creator Plus AVDV

Reprinted from an InterVideo press release:

InterVideo, Inc. announced today WinDVD Creator Plus AVDV, a complete analog/digital video editing solution. WinDVD Creator Plus AVDV combines the flexibility of the ADVE-9011H Analog/Digital Video Capture Combo Board with the easy, time-saving features of WinDVD Creator Plus video editing software. The powerful new hardware/software solution enables users to capture video from both analog and digital sources and includes InterVideo’s unique one-step video editing and creation technology. For zero wait times, consumers can also use InterVideo’s Direct Recording technology to burn the captured video directly to a VCD or DVD that can be played back by most of the CE players in use today.

Equipped with a 1394/FireWire input/output interface, the plug and play capture board acts as a bridge for transferring video from analog devices such as DV/D8 camcorders and VCRs to a PC at speeds of up to 400Mb/sec. By combining the board with video editing software that delivers the industry’s fastest content creation time and support for all DVD formats, InterVideo has developed a compelling solution that will appeal to analog camcorder users and digital camcorder users.

According to the Envisioneering Group, a New York-based technology research agency, there are about 70 million analog camcorders and 18 million digital camcorders in use in the United States today. Analog camcorders produce good tapes but provide limited editing options, and the tapes deteriorate when copied. In addition, consumers who have moved from analog to DV camcorders would like a fast, easy way to convert their old analog videos to the more versatile digital format.

WinDVD Creator Plus AVDV meets these users needs by allowing them to:

  • Capture video from analog sources (TV, VCR or DV/D8 camcorder), convert it to the DV format for editing to preserve video quality and make copies for friends and family without losing video quality from one generation to the next.
  • Convert the 8 mm or VHS tapes they’ve accumulated to high-quality digital videos that can be played back by most standard DVD players. Also saves the cost of paying a third-party service to make the conversions.
  • Preserve the videos stored on tape, which has a life span of only 10 to 15 years in ideal conditions, by converting them to the DV format and archiving them on VCD or DVD which can last for up to 100 years.
  • Combine clips from analog and digital videos to create new videos.

    WinDVD Creator Plus AVDV guides users through four DVD-making steps: capturing video; editing it; adding titles, transitions, effects, music, DVD menus and finally, burning the finished product as a DVD (or VCD, SVCD, mini-DVD, MPEG-4, DivX, WMP) movie.

    “Our new AVDV product adds analog support to the long list of features that have made WinDVD Creator Plus so popular with novices and experienced home video enthusiasts,” said Steve Ro, CEO and co-founder of InterVideo. “Support for all of the DVD formats and the time-saving features that are unique to our WinDVD Creator product line make WinDVD Creator Plus AVDV the most innovative hardware/software solution available and the best value.”

    Features that make the video production process less time-consuming–and less frustrating, include:

  • Zero-Wait DVD and VCD Burning — With InterVideo’s Direct Recording Technology, users can burn an hour of video in about an hour–2 to 3 times faster than competing products because all of the buffering, rendering and burning are done in the background, in real-time. With Direct Recording, users can burn DVDs immediately, without editing.
  • Industry’s Fastest DVD Creation Time – With UniPass, InterVideo’s patent-pending technology, DVD creation and editing are integrated into a single step so that multiple rendering passes are not needed and simple editing fixes do not take hours to re-render.
  • Make Changes to a Video You’ve Already Burned — With OnDiscEditing, users can delete, append or record over titles, all without writing, rendering and rewriting the entire disc.

    Availability, Pricing
    WinDVD Creator Plus AVDV is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP. The complete package includes the InterVideo WinDVD Creator Plus software CD, an ADVE-9011H Analog and Digital Video Capture Combo board with 4 cables (1394, S-Video, RCA and Audio), the associated drivers and a user manual. WinDVD Creator Plus AVDV has an MSRP of $129 and is available now at InterVideo’s web site

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