Reprinted from a Bogen Photo press release:

These days, many of the most popular 35mm and digital point-and-shoot cameras will fit nicely into your pocket. But while computer chips and cameras have continued to shrink in size and weight, many of the most common photographic accessories have remained the same size. All of that has changed with the introduction of Manfrotto’s new 714B Digi tripod.

Designed specifically for today’s lightweight, compact cameras, the 714B Digi tripod offers a number of innovative design elements that come together to create a unique blend of stability, portability and ease of use. Perhaps the most innovative new feature is an ultra compact, built-in ball head that is actually recessed into the tripod’s center column. Not only does this make the 714B ready to use in an instant, it also enables it to fold down to a height of just 17″. A new single hinge design for the leg pivot further enhances the compactness of the 714B Digi, as it allows the leg to fold shorter than conventional models.

Ball head tension is controlled via a convenient handle located at the bottom of the 714B’s center column. By allowing a preset, yet adjustable tension, the 714B eliminates the need to lock off handles before taking each shot. Users can simply set the tension for their gear and forget it.

While it is very lightweight and easy to carry, the 714B Digi also offers all the features and benefits of a full size tripod. A four-section tripod, the 714B extends to a maximum working height of 52.3″ with the center column down, and 64.1″ with the center column fully extended. As is the case with all Manfrotto tripods, the 714B Digi was designed for quick, easy and reliable use. It features quick flip leg locks, an innovative three-faced center column and comes complete with a carrying case with twin shoulder straps for backpack style transport.

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