Sony Announces Rough Cut AIT-2 Video Storage Solution for the Macintosh

Reprinted from a Sony press release:

Sony Electronics is simplifying the workflow process for Mac computer-based video editors with its new Rough Cut advanced video editing storage kit, a complete solution built around the Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) data storage format.

The Rough Cut kit lets editors collect, back up and archive their work throughout the editing process by storing all their project elements together as data files. If an editing project is interrupted or requires revisions – even several years later – the project can be restored onto the editing station with all the source elements, time coding, and work intact, eliminating the need to collect, load or re-digitize any material. Because the materials are stored in data formats, there is no loss in quality – the project is literally just as the editor left it.

The kit includes an AIT-2 drive with an i.LINK IEEE 1394 digital interface (also known as FireWire), Mezzo ES Generation 4 backup software for Macintosh computers, ten AIT media cartridges with a total capacity of up to 333 Gigabytes (GB), and all necessary cabling for simple installation. The initial shipments will also include two writeable Sony DVD discs.

“Sony is in a unique position because we can use our expertise in both A/V and IT to deliver a true solution for video storage,” said Kevin Handerson, director of marketing for Sony Electronics’ Business Solutions and Systems Company. “The Rough Cut kit is an engine to reduce re-work and help satisfy clients. Managers will value the way this solution boosts productivity and streamlines workflow. Editors will benefit because they can focus on delivering their most effective and creative work – not on re-digitizing, re-loading and re-creating files.”

The first releases of the Rough Cut video editing storage kits are designed specifically for the post-production process using Apple Macintosh computer-based systems. It is ideal for independent videographers, corporate A/V departments and video production service firms. The kit is compatible not only with Apple’s Final Cut Pro editing software, but also with selected video and audio editing software from AVID, Adobe, Media 100 and DigiDesign, among others. The solution has minimum requirements of Mac G3 computers or higher, as well as Mac OS X version 10.2, or earlier to Mac OS 9.1 operating systems.

The Rough Cut video editing storage kit relies on advanced AIT technology to enable fast, reliable storage and retrievals. The AIT-2 format featured in the original release has a maximum storage capacity of 50 GB native per compact 8mm tape cartridge and a native data transfer rate of 6 megabytes (MB) per second. The AIT-2 drive can also use lower capacity AIT-1 tapes (25 or 35GB native) and AIT-2 tapes (36GB native) for smaller projects.

The kit includes Mezzo ES Generation 4 software that was specifically developed for project-based editing storage. Mezzo uses a drag-and-drop interface that allows users to automatically back up digital files to free space on their systems, while preserving their ability to review, restore and edit earlier sessions. The software is capable of backing up single files up to 2 TB, which is approximately equivalent to two broadcast-quality movies.

Sony’s initial AIT-2-based Rough Cut video editing storage solution, identified by the model number RCUT210MAC1, will be available in May for a suggested retail price of $1,999, representing a substantial savings of 30 percent over individual component purchases.

Through Sony’s Rewarding Recording Program, end-users of AIT cassettes and other professional and data media can expand their return on investment by redeeming their tape purchases for a variety of rewards, including reimbursements for professional recorders and purchases of Sony consumer electronics products. Full program guidelines are available at:

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