Reprinted from a SmartSound press release:

Can you imagine having an almost limitless supply of royalty-free music and sound for your video projects always at your fingertips? All ready to audition from a specially created page that already knew what you were looking for? That’s what SmartSound has done with the latest version of their award winning flagship software, Sonicfire Pro 3.0.

Long recognized as the leader in soundtrack creation, this latest rev takes its famous Maestro function and gives it a major overhaul. New Internet based, real-time technology will allow users to preview, buy and download ANY selection in the expansive SmartSound Library, all while they are scoring a visual sequence. This dynamic process will suggest additional selections, over and above those that shipped with the software, should the user want more options. The user can then choose to enter their information and credit card, download the piece right into Sonicfire, and complete their score.

“This changes everything from a media creator’s point of view”, states Kevin Klingler, President and CEO of SmartSound Software, Inc. “The Infinite Search Maestro is powered by a brand new search engine. Every aspect of the SmartSound Music Library has been cataloged so a user can instantly find an exact match for their scene. With an Internet connection, a user can download the soundtrack they need in minutes. Having this kind of instant access to thousands of musical possibilities speeds video scoring by orders of magnitude.”

Additional new features of Sonicfire Pro 3.0 include the ability to customize search criteria to get precisely the type of music you are looking for, more ways to define search criteria, improved automatic editing of any sound file – trim your own files easier and faster, improved interface giving precise control and information on sound files and blocks, improved support for Windows Media Formats and a new design that offers more ways to work – choose from the easy Assistant or the new robust Maestro.

With over 50,000 registered users and millions more through its various OEM licenses, SmartSound has established itself as the standard in soundtrack creation for the visual creative industry since it was first released in June 1996.

“Sonicfire ties the search for the perfect piece of music directly to creating the final soundtrack through our patented automatic soundtrack editing technology,” said Geoff Hufford, Vice President of Product Development. “The new Maestro helps you find the music, and then new tools in the Timeline give you ultimate ease and flexibility with how the music is edited for the scene. No other tool in the industry can take you through the entire scoring process like Sonicfire.”

Pricing and Availability
Concurrent with this new release, SmartSound Software is also announcing new pricing for its Sonicfire Pro products. The standard version of the software, which includes the software plus two disks of SmartSound royalty-free music, is now permanently reduced to $299 from its previous price of $349. The Sonicfire Pro Bundle Edition remains at $499, but its value is increased with the inclusion of an additional CD Rom of SmartSound music. Sonicfire Pro Bundle Edition includes the same Sonicfire Pro software as in the standard version but comes with five (5) CDs of SmartSound music (previously it was four for the same price). All music shipped with Sonicfire Pro products are at professional, broadcast quality (44.1 kHz).

Sonicfire Pro 3.0 is shipping now and is available from Fry’s Electronics Stores, Apple retail stores, select dealers and resellers in 20 countries throughout the world and direct from SmartSound Software, Inc.

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